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Dell’s SuperMassive Scores Big in NSS Labs 2014 NGFW Real-World Test Again

The finest restaurant guarantees its longevity by making sure its meals taste perfect and satisfying to customers each and every time they visit.

Scoring big consistently with five stars rating is the key to its success. 19 more words

IT Infrastructure

Safety Should be Prioritized over Network!!

Technology has widely grown today. The inventions that are developed that were not supposed to be implemented ever. With the increase in the technology, there is a rapid increase in crime as well. 291 more words


Blocking abusive IP addresses using IPTABLES Firewall in Debian/Ubuntu

In one of our previous article we have posted an instructional guide on how to secure your Debian/Ubuntu based VPS using IPTABLES/Netfilter. In the following article we are adding a blacklist to the firewall script which will allow you to Continue reading… 6 more words

Firewall with Bill Whittle: The Republic of Bill

 In his latest Firewall video entitled ‘The Republic of Bill’ Bill Whittle describes what his version of a republic would be like. Not everyone is going to agree with all his points as he lays out a libertarian republic but here is is.



Palo Alto NGFW use case two: Virtual Wire mode (vWire)

Last time we saw how to deploy the Palo Alto NGFW in a tap mode, so we could verify our security policy would work. The main drawback of this mode is that we cannot interfere with a traffic in any way. 712 more words



Is freedom of expression possible without freedom of Information ?

There is a Great Firewall between China and the rest of the world.

Think again.


Quick subnetting reference


CIDR block           Subnet Mask                 IP Quantity   

/32                           1   

/31                           2   

/30                           4   

/29                           8   

/28                           16   

/27                           32   

/26                           64   

/25                           128   

/24                               256   

/23                               512   

/22                               1024   

/21                               2048   

/20                               4096   

/19                               8192   

/18                               16384   

/17                               32768   

/16                                   65536   

/15                                   131072   

/14                                   262144   

/13                                   524288   

/12                                   1048576   

/11                                   2097152   

/10                                   4194304   

/9                                     8388608   

/8                                         16777216   

/7                                         33554432   

/6                                         67108864   

/5                                         134217728   

/4                                         268435456   

/3                                         536870912   

/2                                         1073741824   

/1                                         2147483648