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IOS Firewall fundementals - Cisco Security part 7

Stateful filtering

Reflexive ACLs (remembering)

– An ACL is dynamically created based on outbound traffic to allow return traffic.

-This is considered older technology.

#ip access-list extended GOING-OUT…

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Information Security

The book I read to research this post was Information Security Basics by Ron McFarland which is a very good book that I read at kindle unlimited. 232 more words


Portspoof flips firewall design on its face

In a typical network firewall design, an effort is made to close off and block access to as many communication ports as possible. Often, in order to prevent discovery of themselves and the machines hiding behind them, firewalls are configured to drop incoming packets and make no response to communication requests . 132 more words


Highjacking Goes High-Tech

High-Tech Hijacking at Sony

A group calling itself Guardians of Peace allegedly hacked into the Japanese owned media and movie conglomerate Sony Pictures last month, successfully stealing large files containing personal data on celebrities, as well as “company secrets”, threatening to release the information to the public if its demands were not met. 352 more words

Data Security

Cyber Essentials: Why your organisation should ‘Get Badged’! – Part III

Technical Requirements for Basic Protection from Cyber Attack

Standardised approaches to cyber security will be a feature of the IT world in 2015 and beyond. There’s simply too much cyber crime and hostile activity on the part of rogue Governments opposed to the Western dominance economically and geo-politically to ignore the problem – even if red tape and tick boxes are not what the ‘deregulators’ say they want. 1,451 more words

Information Security

What is it that people call network firewalls?

So I have been reading about firewalls today. It can be said that it is a tool, piece of software that controls the flow of traffic between networks. 744 more words

Network Security