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Network Firewalls.

Firewalls play an immense role in modern communication. They monitor and filter inbound and outbound traffic across networks. This is done by set of defined rules given below: 172 more words


Configuring FortiGate Single Sign-on (FSSO) with Active Directory

If you have a Fortigate firewall you can easily manage internet access policies for your local users by integrating Fortigate with your AD to pull all users information, this makes it easy to grant users internet access based on logged in users. 79 more words


Any Port In A Storm ... Ports, Firewalls, and Forwarding.

If you’ve ever set up an email client such as Outlook or Thunderbird, or on a smartphone, you may have been asked, among other things, for a port number.   851 more words


SR-IOV + VRRP/VMAC: VF x requested MACVLAN filter but is administratively denied

Technical environment

  • Debian Wheezy 7.6 KVM host machine
  • Custom GNU/Linux Kernel 3.12.22
  • libvirt 1.2.4 from wheezy-backports distribution
  • qemu-kvm 2.0.0 from wheezy-backports distribution
  • Intel Corporation 82599EB 10 Gigabit Dual Port (ixgbe driver version 3.15.1-k)
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Visa Security Alert!

From Visa's Risk Management:
For: IT, Information Security, IT Support

Visa has recently noticed an increase in malicious remote access activity associated with unauthorized access to merchant point-of-sale environments and ultimately, payment card data.   209 more words


TNS Fast Five Tips: Five Ways That Financial Institutions Benefit from Next Generation Firewalls

Author: Dave Norwood

1. Granular Application Control

This refers to the ability to do more than simply block a website or block an application from a website or an application server, but actually understand the application and block the functions within that application. 1,267 more words

Trusted Network Solutions

Black holes into darkness

Black holes are gravity at the extreme. As such, many of their properties lie at the edge of our knowledge of physics. At the event horizon — the boundary beyond which nothing can return to the outside Universe — we must grapple with the combination of gravity and quantum physics, a problem we have yet to solve. 183 more words

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