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Penny For 'Em ...

Happy All Hallows’ Eve to All … Depending on your country of origin, Halloween will stir up different memories. The ‘Americanisation’ of Great Britain in recent years, has brought forth the ‘Trick or Treat’ era, albeit half-heartedly in many quarters when compared to the enthusiasm of the States. 775 more words


Toffee Apples

OK, I am very excited about this post. I mean look at them! They’re toffee apples covered in sugar sprinkles, they are the embodiment of happiness. 578 more words

British & American

Day 25: Awesome Autumn - 10 great things

Autumn is here! Woohoo!  And to celebrate I’ve caught a cold. Yep, snotty and snuffly, and sandpapery throat. Definitely NOT my most attractive, but apparently it’s standard to get ill when the seasons change, and this week, the seasons have most definitely changed. 767 more words

Dream Chasing

31st October 1912. The Perils of Bonfire Night!

Today in 1912 the Burton Observer recorded a man from nearby Wichnor before the local magistrates for using ‘bad language’, which is not surprising considering as he had been the victim by ’mischievous youths’ throwing a fire-cracker through his bedroom window, which set fire to his sheets. 635 more words


When we lit up the dark skies !!!

Well its not news to say Sweden in general and Göteborg in particular is a haven for darkness from October to Feb every year. It is like the God of lights goes for a fika and then forgets his duties for about six months..Wish I had such liberty and long fika breaks!!! 386 more words

Remember, remember, the fifth of November, the gunpowder treason and plot

As it’s Halloween today I figured there was no point in doing another post on it, instead I’d do one about the 5th of November.  For the Yanks who read this blog, the 5th of November is when us Brits let off fireworks and put an effigy made out of old clothes and stuffed with newspaper onto a bonfire.  338 more words

Rains play havoc in fireworks sale

By S.Vishnhu Saaye

Chennai, 21 Oct: The sudden onset of the north-east rains has affected the sale of fireworks and crackers in Chennai, that have been stocked for the festival of Diwali. 338 more words