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New Jersey rejects atheist license plate, approves Baptist one

I wish this stuff would just stop happening, and that people would read the U.S. Constitution. On the other hand, if it did stop, what would I have to kvetch about. 327 more words

Petition: Claire O'Brien

Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will.”

-Frederick Douglass

I met Claire O’Brien through her blog, Eléctrica in the Desert… 1,158 more words

Civil Rights

Open Letter to Union Editor - Mr. Hemig

Dear Mr Hemig

I read your Op-Ed with some interest this evening, as I am a blogger. I became a blogger in August of 2004 when the Union could not keep track of my Other Voices, they just seem to keep disappearing into some round file, or when they were found and published the issue was long forgotten. 375 more words

First Amendment

To kill bias suits, companies lean on the First Amendment

BET’s recent win in a discrimination lawsuit filed by transgender TV personality B. Scott is the latest instance in which a media company has beat a bias suit by flaunting its right to free speech and expression. 638 more words


Unwise law enforcement

Politicians more and more seem to be using the police as their personal enforcers.  It seems to me that anyone behind the parody Twitter account in this story… 14 more words


God Is Not Dead

It is Good Friday morning and I awoke to a headline reading “atheist war on Easter.” I didn’t read it. I celebrated an unholy atheist holiday on April first, better known as April Fools Day. 369 more words