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Griffith Uni to offer online global social media law course

By MARK PEARSON Follow @Journlaw

WE are now taking applications for a fully online global social media law course which I will be teaching from Griffith University, starting in March 2015. 629 more words

Mixed Results in Acquitted Rape Suspect’s Online Defamation Case

Rulings on an attorney’s complaint against online media outlets for reporting on sex charges against him present a mixed bag.  In Huon v. Breaking Media et al., … 542 more words


Activision’s Use of Well-Known Trademark in Video Game Protected Under First Amendment

Author: Naresh Kilaru

Although a strong trademark usually favors the plaintiff in infringement actions, in cases involving expressive works subject to First Amendment protection it may actually weigh in favor of the defendant. 471 more words

Federal Cases

McMullen case resolved: a big victory for secularism as proselytizing professor told to keep opinions on Christianity and creationism to himself

Our plane to Calcutta has been delayed by three hours due to fog (this is typical), so I’m able to write this post passing on some good news. 937 more words

A matter of freedom from the threat of violence

Until yesterday I had no plans to go see the James Franco/Seth Rogen movie “The Interview.” Frankly, I think it looks pretty stupid. But when the hackers behind the Sony email leaks threatened 9/11 style attacks on theaters that are showing the movie, I decided, well, now I have to see it. 163 more words

Iowa Professor Creates KKK Statue To Protest Racism After Ferguson . . . The University Removes Art As Students Demand The Firing Of The Professor

We recently saw rather bizarre case of a college president having to publicly apologize for saying the “all lives matter” rather than “all Black lives matter” in supporting protests over the Ferguson and New York grand jury decisions. 969 more words


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[caption id="attachment_17194" align="alignnone" width="480"]Serhat Tanyolacar Serhat Tanyolacar. The anti-racist professor has been labeled a racist because dumb black "students" on campus didn't understand his artist's perspective.[/caption] Libturds are turning on each other. I'm loving it. An a**hole professor creates some anti-racist art, a KKK statue, that his fellow libturds see as racist. Now the students want him fired. Good news! Let him be fired. Let's sabotage the corrupt cultural Marxist mindset on campus by demanding he be fired. The more of them we can help get rid of, the better. [caption id="attachment_17195" align="alignnone" width="534"]This childishness is called art on the modern college campus.  How ridiculous! This childishness is called art on the modern college campus. How ridiculous![/caption]

Surprising Results From Pew Research Poll: Solid Majority - 72% - of Americans In Favor Of Allowing Christian Nativity Scenes On Public Property

In a new Pew poll the American people expressed overwhelming support for public displays of the nativity scene, despite years of attempted obstruction from Atheist groups and Separation of Church and State advocates. 83 more words