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French Revolution Love Story

This story was written for my friend Jonathan Gonzalez. He painted the idea for this story, and I fleshed out the details. I don’t know what to call it yet. 1,686 more words

Apple Pages Killed My Brain Cells, Rawr.

I’m sure it took Genghis Khan less time to create the Mongol Empire than it took me to finally concoct a flyer for my hopeful photography business. 91 more words

Icarus Photography



is like the winter sun at 14:00


if you’re still


when you’re pacing.


is like an early morning smoke

polluting my insides… 79 more words


September 2014

Wow what a treat September has been for us (well down in sunny Devon at least), the bonus to this weather has been the amount of time I’ve been able to spend at the wall just a shame there hasn’t been much time in between to attempt other things – all good things must come to an end mind (or so they say at least). 1,066 more words



Drifting along,

Down steels lines with no end,

A groaning machine,

Through the rolling hills,

It is like I,

No end in sight,

Riding through the thunderous noise, 6 more words


First Attempts : Dragon Fruit

Hello everyone who reads this :P, today I decided to be a bit adventurous and try a fruit called Dragon Fruit. My first encounter with this fruit came with playing the game Fruit Ninja on my iPod and i saw this really weird looking fruit fly past. 191 more words

First Attempt

banana bread

Yayyy! I can’t believe I am about to say this but… I MADE banana bread! Most of you are probably thinking… wow, its not that hard… but for me it is quite challenging:) as most of my friends and family know I am not the best cook. 165 more words

Banana Bread