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Just like a mystery novel

It was just like a mystery novel. The streets were absolutely silent, with an occasional street dog’s late night complaints echoing in the midnight mist. One of the self-made perks of having a job in print media┬áis that one gets to observe the beauty of a city that has gone to sleep and sometimes, usually on your way back, waking up. 697 more words

Hello most unwanted visitor

Yesterday was a super emotional and irritable day for me, so it was really no surprise when I woke up to my period today. I’m bummed, shed a very few number of tears and now here I am. 51 more words

12dpiui... what a roller coaster

Man oh man. Still in this horrifying tww. I need to get it together with this whole POAS thing. So far still BFN. Symptoms I’m still experiencing – gas, indigestion, mild nausea, sore lower back, tender bbs. 90 more words

My first attempt at photoshop:

This was my first “having a go/playing around session” on photoshop. This is the first thing I created. Considering I have never done anything on this program before, I do actually think I formed something pretty cool. 14 more words



I think I’m going to lose my mind. I have no idea if what I’m feeling are symptoms or what. But this morning I felt nauseous again. 161 more words

First Attempt, Keying.


There are two different ways to key, colour key or chrome keying. We used after effects which helped me produce the short video clip shown above. 746 more words

ARD502 The Message