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I think I’m going to lose my mind. I have no idea if what I’m feeling are symptoms or what. But this morning I felt nauseous again. 161 more words

First Attempt, Keying.


There are two different ways to key, colour key or chrome keying. We used after effects which helped me produce the short video clip shown above. 746 more words

ARD502 The Message

Follow up consult with the RE....

So I had my follow up visit today with my RE and phew was that a doosy.

He went over my baseline blood work and basically said my AMH levels show that my fertility clock is clicking away. 202 more words


I tested this morning and got a BFN, which is only exciting because this means that the preg.nyl trigger shot is out of my system! 91 more words

The cat and the lady

This month has been about pushing boundaries, creatively. Here’s an attempt (the very first attempt) at sculpture with some paper and adhesive and some paint. 23 more words


Panning Photography, First Attempt

Today i thought id try experiment with the panning camera technique. I am really surprised by the results! Above i have shown a small selection of images taken, i used TV shutter mode on my camera and altered the shutter speed to 1/30 this allowed me to capture the movement in the background. 78 more words


3dpiui update

Man. This tww is brutal and I’ve still got 11 days left to go! GAH.

Using pregn.yl is giving my body all kinds of shit. Yesterday I felt really nauseous, was exhausted all day, had bad indigestion and I swear I had a heightened sense of smell (I walked into Chipotle and seriously thought it smelled like a sweaty underarm) 76 more words