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A Lesson on Substitutions: Avocado and Sorghum

I recommend that you get in this groove before you read on; plus it’s the best footage recorded in 1969.

Yesterday I met a milestone I’ve been working on for weeks; the inside of our massive rock fire pit is done! 682 more words


First Collagraphs

First attempt at collagraphs came out ok


First Attempt: Braided Rye Bread "Looks Like a Poop"

Earworm: “Idiot Wind,” Bob Dylan

A contingent of carb-lovers believe they don’t like rye bread. And I feel so sorry for them. In fact, what they “do not care for,” as my grandmother taught me to say, is caraway seeds. 403 more words


Railroad Women and Coy Wolves

Earworm: “Wish Me a Rainbow” Virginia Lee

Today I stitched the final loops on what will heretofore be known as my Alva Starr quilt while watching… 1,317 more words


French Revolution Love Story

This story was written for my friend Jonathan Gonzalez. He painted the idea for this story, and I fleshed out the details. I don’t know what to call it yet. 1,686 more words

Apple Pages Killed My Brain Cells, Rawr.

I’m sure it took Genghis Khan less time to create the Mongol Empire than it took me to finally concoct a flyer for my hopeful photography business. 91 more words

Icarus Photography



is like the winter sun at 14:00


if you’re still


when you’re pacing.


is like an early morning smoke

polluting my insides… 79 more words