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Boy has massive tumour removed after 12-hour surgery

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — An 11-year-old Mexican boy who had been suffering from a massive tumour and who drew international attention after U.S. Homeland Security Investigations helped him get treatment in New Mexico had the growth removed after a long surgery, a New Mexico church said Tuesday. 287 more words


Powerful Words in the Name of Freedom

Every day Hingham residents drive or walk past the entrance to a small park lying between Central and Hersey Streets. Now known as Burns Memorial Park… 316 more words

The Catholics Behind the Baptist Church

When I research my husband’s side of the family, I expect to find their 20th-century graves in Brunswick’s Catholic cemetery, St. John’s. So I was quite surprised to learn that his great-grandparents, Charles and Adeline Desmarais, were buried across town in Growstown Cemetery behind the First Baptist Church. 256 more words

Brunswick History

Red-tailed hawk sighting in Malden

Elena Martinez, a Malden-based graphic designer, snapped a photo of this bird of prey last week. The red-tailed hawk was spotted in the bushes in front of the First Baptist Church (located at Salem and Main streets) with what appeared to be a light-furred fallen prey on the grass. –photo by Elena Martinez


Okay to Doubt but Don't Look Elsewhere for Answers?

I have a friend that works at the First Baptist Church in Knoxville, Tennessee.  I’ve posted about things I’ve heard in his sermons before. I try to keep an eye on the church website, as they occasionally post some of his sermons.   886 more words

Cake 190—First Baptist Church (60 cakes left)

We’re coming back to this side of the river for a while! This cake at First Baptist Church began a rainy day of cake searching, but my mom and I persevered that day and visited each cake we planned on. 215 more words

St. Louis

First Baptist Church (North Side Location - 102 Street and 102 Ave)

I was asked to identify the church in this image by a Facebook fan and found it to be an interesting experience. I immediately suspected it to be the old church at 102 street and 102 ave but was perplexed when I checked the name of this church on my map dataset and found it was the First Baptist Church. 149 more words