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College! What?!

Just four more days ’till I start college! I’m actually excited to go to school on Monday, to be honest. None of my girl pals are going to the university that I’m in. 137 more words

Living Journal

My Very First Blog Post

This blog will consist of beauty, fashion, and life.

Why am I choosing broad subjects to write about? I don’t want to limit myself to a subject like “Teen Fashion” Of course, I will write about that, but there is only so much one can say about that subject. 285 more words

First Blog

Hello World.

Well…my first blog post.  That is, not counting any high school Mindsay posts. (Oh, high school Kari, my dear sweet summer child.)  I figure I will take this first to introduce myself to the blogging world.   208 more words

About Me

New Blog

The first post of my new blog!!!

What to Basically know in the Whoniverse

okay, so… before the new series comes out, I want to my post this sorta-not-that-short review of one of my favorite TV shows out there… 688 more words

Doctor Who

So let's start.

This is not a blog with extravagant words or references to important people in your history book. I will be talking about some things related to friends, social life, “anti-social” life, famous stars, TV shows, moods, astronomy, boys, our body and more stuff like this; so if your age finishes with “teen” I can assure you, you’ll be related to this blog, if you’re older… you’ve been there, perhaps I’ll get you to smile or something? 8 more words


Cheers To The Awkwardness!

So this is my first post on my new blog, Coral And Turquoise Jewels. I am super positive that I will look back on this post and laugh in many months to come! 267 more words