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The Day I Start - An Introduction

I never actually had any plans to start a blog really. It was more of a spur of moment thing. People say that blogging is fun and great, but I don’t know, so I decided to give it a try, and now, here I am, with my first blog. 260 more words

First Blog

My first blog.

I’ve never done this before, I’ve always wanted to start a blog but I’ve never known what to write. I think for a long time I made excuses for why I hadn’t started one, excuses like: I don’t know what to write and I don’t think I would want people to read it… 164 more words

First Blog

My First YouTube video !

Hey guys!

Not a new post today but a link to my YouTube video. I said it would happen, so here it is.

Obviously as it is my first clip there are a few editing issues etc but i’m working on it. 45 more words


Welcome to the Blogosphere!

Well hello there!

Welcome to my very first blog. Ever. This is an incredibly scary, exciting, and interesting step in someone’s life to exploit their feelings, thoughts, and opinions out in the world. 327 more words


All About Me, Me ME!!!




Hi there!  This is me, Rob Kedge.  Nice to meet you! *does awkward pretend handshake to thin air* I think the above photo is the only really good one I have of myself, so don’t expect any more lol. 938 more words

Time to wake up!!

Today, let’s just get the basics….hello, my name is Amy and I’m a positive feedback junkie. So, if you’re reading and you’re a hater, you can stop now. 141 more words


First Blog

Well, this is it. I am and have always been one of those people who never thought they would do something, and then end up doing that thing. 333 more words