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Dear Whiskey,

I enjoy you far too often and too much.  But that’s the basis of any good relationship, right?  You’ve been with me to celebrate the good and mourn the bad.  253 more words

Living Life

In The Whirlwind

So, one minute it is a few messages over a couple of days, the usual chit chat, and you meet for drinks. All is well so far. 458 more words

Guy Sleeps with Woman He Liked On First Date, Now Worried She’ll Think He’s a Slut

Last Saturday local resident Charlie Fells went on a “really great” first date with fellow twenty-something Meryl Morris, who according to Charlie was, “a fun, charming, and pretty woman.” Fells divulged that he then accepted an invitation to Morris’ place and proceeded to close out the night by sleeping with her, or in other words, “totally send her the message that I’m a great big slut.” 383 more words

Adulthood Struggles


When he suggested it, I definitely wouldn’t have considered it the ideal first date.

I’m used to the typical, “Hey, want to go to… ” 532 more words


How The Job Search is Exactly Like Dating

The thirst is undeniably real. You know what you want and what you need to do to get there. You need to be the best version of yourself, you need to wow them, you need to leave them wanting more, you want to make them commit to you. 1,323 more words

67% of people find wearing socks with sandals to be a fashion deal breaker

You’ve been there before.  You just met a guy.  Everything had been going so well.  You text all day, you have so much in common.  And then you meet. 273 more words

Shopping And Buying

Worst First Date: The Triple Nipple

This morning on my drive to work, the radio station I was halfway listening to announced that they were sharing worst first date stories. I chuckled to myself as I painfully recalled my own worst first date story– it is a hard one to forget. 533 more words

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