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First Date Oh My! What to wear on your first date

So you just met a guy and he has asked you out on a date. Yippee. You are all excited and probably jumping for joy as it seems like things may be picking up in the dating world. 474 more words

Single Mothers And Dating

Why Everyone Is Listing Their Myers-Briggs on OkCupid

ENFP. INTP. XQRZ. That last one’s fake. The first two are┬ápossible┬áresults of the Myers-Briggs┬ápersonality test, one which reduces the traits of the psyche developed by Carl Jung into sixteen possible personality types. 507 more words

Creative Nonfiction

Getting Ready for "First Date: A Modern Love Story"

I stumbled on this while playing around with Youtube. I present to you “First Date: A Modern Love Story” written, directed, and produced by Blair Richardson. 171 more words


First date sex

For all I like to think I’m sex positive, I sometimes fall woefully short of that aim. The first three months of posts on here are testament to that, but sometimes it creeps into my real life actions too. 1,115 more words


Ticket Shopping

We’ve been ticket shopping for his Christmas leave. This is probably one of our more common “couples activities” if you will. When we first started dating we lived (only) 800 miles apart. 466 more words


My Aura Is Frightening

Another lesbian date fail, but this one made me laugh. So I’m waiting for an online date who I have been chatting with to meet me at my fav bar in NYC. 190 more words

Online Dating

Where do the butterflies go?

After going on a first date last night, it got me thinking… Why am I not nervous?
Knees knocking, butterflies… Nope, not a sign.
Thinking back, I used to get so nervous during the dating phase, but now I don’t even bat an eye lid. 239 more words