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First Date Pet Peeves!

We’ve all been through a first date gone wrong, or perhaps you’re on the other end and want to avoid being THAT disastrous first date. Check out this survey on Daily Mail which lists some of the rudest things someone can do on a first date, followed by some dinner date do’s and don’ts. 27 more words


Things You Do On A First Date That Make Someone Not Want A Second Date

It’s amazing ANYONE’S able to relax and have a normal conversation on a first date, considering how much JUDGING is going on . . . and how even one little mistake can ruin things.   86 more words

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If You Did This On The First Date Don't Expect A Second!

A new survey asked what is the rudest thing someone can do on a first date that would make you NOT go on a second date: 62 more words


Date #1: The Doubtful Professor

Pertinent stats: Community college professor, tall, the first and only guy to actually call me from OkCupid to talk to me instead of just texting– classy move, Professor.   464 more words

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Something Different

I got home today and something had changed. I couldn’t figure out what it was and I still can’t figure it out, but something was different. 154 more words


The top ten ways to find love

The top ten ways to find love

It sounds so easy!  And it is for some, and for others (myself included) it takes half a lifetime but it is possible to find deep and true love in your life. 505 more words