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Dating sites

Since it’s been ten years since I last dated, I felt a bit out of practice.
I did a bit of research and the consensus indicated that OK Cupid was a poly friendly dating site. 362 more words

Dating Sites

Bachelor #5 : The Cousin Connection

Vital stats- Banker, 29, lives in Melbourne

As is common with most Indian families, mine is large. And loud. And alchoholic. And it was at one of these large loud alcoholic family gatherings, that my (well-meaning) cousin took my mum to one side and suggested a boy for me to meet. 709 more words


I have been on many first dates and from personal experience I can tell you how to make them all end terribly. I am an outgoing people-person who spends my life walking into rooms talking to patients and families so you would think I would be good at finding interesting topics to talk about on a date. 1,325 more words


Chapter 042: Spending time avoiding life

If I’m in the right frame of mind, I can put myself in the moment when I Annabelle and I met. It was at a party thrown by an old college friend, Irene, and Irene’s live-in boyfriend, Tom. 1,314 more words


First date

So, tonight’s the night. I’m incredibly nervous but looking forward to meeting the man that I have found to be the most interesting on Tinder. 325 more words


The Valentine from hell

Last year I bizarrely agreed to a first date on Valentine’s Day, in my defence I had completely lost track of the days that week and had no idea that it would work out to be actually on Valentine’s Day! 777 more words

Orkut: end of an era

As soon as the news of ‘Orkut’ being closed down today reached my eyes and ears, all my mind could think of was the sweetest memories associated with it. 231 more words