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The Celestial Toymaker, "The Celestial Toyroom"

The Doctor was rendered invisible at the end of the last story, claiming to be effected by a powerful attack from inside the TARDIS. The scanner is non-responsive, and, against Steven and Dodo’s advice, the Doctor heads outside. 626 more words

First Doctor

110 - The Web Planet

This story carries novelty value as the one and only time I’ve actually felt embarrassed while watching Doctor Who. On the whole I was quite looking forward to watching… 409 more words

The Ark, "The Bomb"

Back on the Ark, the Monoids are disintegrating into two factions: one led by #1 who wish to aggressively colonize Refusis II, the others led by #4 seeking a solution that doesn’t involve nuking all the humans.  454 more words

First Doctor

The Ark, "The Return"

Although it was seconds later from their perspective, the Doctor figures out it was 700 years since they tried to leave the Ark at the end of the… 513 more words

First Doctor

Hartnell, character and The Smugglers (1966)

In Jessica Carney’s biography of her grandfather William Hartnell, Who’s There?, there’s a photo of the actor on location in Cornwall for The Smugglers, … 1,111 more words