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Timestamp: First Series Summary

Doctor Who: First Series Summary


An Unearthly Child – 3
The Daleks  - 4
The Edge of Destruction - 2
Marco Polo - 3… 154 more words


The Aztecs, “The Temple of Evil”

Disclosure time: I had watched this first part of the Aztecs when I was still randomly watching Classic serials from different periods. I never finished the series, and, while I remembered some plot details from my first view, this was essentially a fresh viewing. 387 more words


The Keys of Marinus, “The Keys of Marinus”

Barbara, Altos, and Sabetha choose not to involve the Doctor as they unveil who kidnapped Susan last episode. They figure out it was Kala, the wife of the relief guard, who was working with the Court Prosecutor. 375 more words


The Keys of Marinus, “Sentence of Death”

In the criminal justice system of Marinus, there are two seperate yet equally important groups. The first group is people unjustly accused the murder. The second are renegade time travelers who act as their counsel. 384 more words


Timestamp #8: The Reign of Terror

Doctor Who: The Reign of Terror
(6 episodes, s01e35-e40, 1964)


This was a nice recovery from the drudgery of The Sensorites. I enjoyed that the Doctor was in left in peril, and the fire over the closing credits for the first episode was an especially nice touch. 188 more words


Timestamp #7: The Sensorites

Doctor Who: The Sensorites
(6 episodes, s01e29-e34, 1964)


This story is essentially a parable about fear, from humans losing complete control of their autonomy to the Sensorites being afraid of confrontation and the dark. 571 more words


The Keys of Marinus, “The Screaming Jungle”

Susan, Barbara, Ian, Altos, and Sabetha arrive from Morphotron to the titular screaming jungle, in search of the second Key of Marinus. Along the way, they navigate a jungle temple full of deathtraps. 252 more words