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The Keys of Marinus - Review

The TARDIS arrives on the planet Marinus, it’s not long before the elderly Arbitan forces them into collecting the keys he needs.

Each episode of the serial ha new threat and a new task, a very clever way to keep the story fresh and the viewer interested. 278 more words


Marco Polo - Review

The Doctor meets Marco Polo.

This is the curse of reviewing Doctor Who episodes, some of them are lost. We can all hope that they will all one day be returned to us, luckily they slowly are. 327 more words


The Edge of Destrcution - Review

Continuing immediately from The Daleks, we see The Doctor and crew flung to the TARDIS floor. Set entirely in the TARDIS, we see the characters as they react to each other and the events around them. 270 more words


The Daleks - Review

The Doctor, Susan and new companions Ian and Barbara go on this second adventure, but they discover a horrible race known only as…The Daleks.

The Daleks are the most iconic and well known Doctor Who enemies of all time, they are beloved and always come back! 314 more words


I am back. I had a funny weekend and it was really interessting and i will writte about a few things that i watched there. But not today. 69 more words


Listen - Review

The Doctor and Clara investigate the dream that’s haunted The Doctor and many others for years.

So this episode saw The Doctor and Clara try and uncover the truth about these dreams and discover if there’s a perfect species for hiding. 605 more words


Story 9 - Planet of Giants

Originally aired:

  1. Planet of Giants – October 31, 1964
  2. Dangerous Journey – November 7, 1964
  3. Crisis1 – November 14, 1964

Written by Louis Marks… 286 more words

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