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DW: Frostfire

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i have listened to a new story of ‘the Companion Chronicles‘. It featured Vicki and is also read by her actor Maureen O’Brien. 271 more words

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The Dalek's Master Plan, “Escape Switch”

The banaged hand that terrified Steven and Sara turns out to the Monk’s, left in the sarcophagous by the Doctor. Although he tries (and fails) to talk his way into the TARDIS, Steven and Sara take him to go look for the Doctor with them. 636 more words

First Doctor

The Dalek's Master Plan, “Golden Death”

The TARDIS dematerializes in Egypt, at the Great Pyramid of Giza, with the Daleks and Mavic Chen close behind, curious why the TARDIS hasn’t tried to take off again. 565 more words

First Doctor

The Dalek's Master Plan, “Volcano”

Remember this story we were in the middle of? Well, the Daleks sure do, as they’re still trying to use the fake taranium core the Doctor gave them two episodes ago to power the Time Destructor. 603 more words

First Doctor

The Dalek's Master Plan, “The Feast of St. Steven”

The TARDIS materializes on a contemporary English Christmas Day. The police take the Doctor when he tries to leave, and find his story highly implausible. Both Steven and Sara eventually escape later without the Doctor’s permission, the former puts on a policeman’s uniform and an implausible accent to get the Doctor out. 312 more words

First Doctor

Mystery, Speculation and The Myth Makers (1965)

There are few stories more mysterious than The Myth Makers, the first Doctor’s tragi-comic excursion to ancient Troy. Long lost from the BBC’s archives, we have very little visual evidence left of it. 1,486 more words

The Dalek's Master Plan, “Coronas of the Sun”

The Visians attack the Daleks, allowing the Doctor and companions to escape. The Daleks ask for more enforcements, which are denied. The Doctor plans to steal the Dalek’s ship while evading both Daleks and Visians alike. 583 more words

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