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Story 7 - The Sensorites

Originally aired:

  1. Strangers in Space – June 20, 1964
  2. The Unwilling Warriors – June 27, 1964
  3. Hidden Danger – July 11, 1964
  4. A Race Against Death…
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The Time Meddler, “Checkmate”

Vicki and Steven explore the Monk’s TARDIS, still flabbergasted, and find a collection of fine art the Monk’s stolen (and his weapons). The Doctor is still confronting the Monk, who begins revealing his plan to the Doctor to destroy the Vikings with his atomic cannons. 654 more words

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Hunters of Earth

Hunters of Earth, by Nigel Robinson
Destiny of the Doctor 1
Directed by John Ainsworth
Released January 2013

In one of many acknowledgements of Doctor Who… 589 more words

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The Time Time Meddler, “A Battle of Wits”

Steven and Vicki find a secret passage, which the Doctor used to escape sometime last episode. They follow it, leaving the Monk a bit flabbergast, but he’s delayed by the injured warriors from last time. 529 more words

First Doctor

WWJPD? - My other Blog

The author of The Abbott Proof Fence, Vivien Fleming, is not new blogging and has built the successful Doctor Who Mind Robber blog over the last 15 months. 170 more words

The Time Meddler, “The Meddling Monk”

The Monk, rather cheerfully, and using 1960′s “modern” cooking equipment, makes the Doctor breakfast, serving it to him in his cell. The Doctor, unseen from his cell, throws his breakfast back at the Monk. 581 more words

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Quinnis, by Marc Platt
Companion Chronicles 5.06
Directed by Lisa Bowerman
Released December, 2010

Quinnis, we are told, is a planet in “the Fourth Universe” where The Doctor and Susan traveled in the time before we first met them in “An Unearthly Child.” They land in a city of towering, overlapping aqueducts, rising hundreds of feet above an expansive grassy plain. 514 more words

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