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Day Twenty Two/ Day Twenty Three/ Day Twenty Four

Type as much as I can to wrap up my first draft. It’s the final week of the Nano.


How Much Should I Write?

Okay, you know how you’re going to write your memoir, you’ve chosen a specific aspect of your life to write about, you know the time frame… 283 more words


Guest Blog: Where You Goin’ With This?

Once again my wife is contributing as my guest blogger, because I can’t get my dog Bode to write – P.A.Thompson

By Lee Bradbury

I have been a story teller for as long as I can remember. 573 more words

Writing Struggles

Strong vocabulary produces strong sentences

You have written the terrible first draft of your book. You have reshaped structure, filled in gaps, and searched for elusive information. You have excised subsections and illustrations that were so exquisite that they simply had to be part of the book, but so irrelevant that they had to be removed. 718 more words

Craftsmanship Of Writing

I don't know what to call this

So I’ve written about a thousand words on a short story. It’s a (very rough) first draft and the world building doesn’t make too much sense yet, but regardless if anyone wants to read it and give feedback that’d be great. 1,074 more words

City of Angels

Another quick piece as I haven’t posted anything in a while. I was reading another book about a woman in L.A. and it made me think of how stressful an environment like that would be to live in. 1,037 more words

642 Things to Write About: You are a loser who lives alone with a cat and have for quite some time. One day your cat can’t take it anymore and starts talking. What does it say?

Neil glanced around his house, looking for something to do. He’d planned on going out to the grocery store to get some more chicken fingers for supper, but he didn’t feel like showering. 526 more words