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Editing is an Opportunity

Once again, a reminder that a contest relating to Aunty Ida starts later this week, with a prize and  everything.

And now on to other things. 363 more words


Stranded cows

I read Eric Hodgins’s autobiography, Trolley to the Moon. That is because I liked his other two books and blogged about them:

Mr Blandings Builds His Dream House… 44 more words

The Writing Life


After a couple of months of ardent struggle over the last few chapters of my first draft, I kind of hit a break through this weekend. 216 more words


The Key to Finishing First Drafts

When it comes to finishing a first draft, the best way to succeed is to just get it written. Focus on getting the words on the page. 235 more words


the wound collector

he somehow manages to keep stumbling into situations such as these. it is in fact, the third time in the past year alone that separate universes have collided, intermingled, and suddenly disappeared. 192 more words


Writing the first draft

I love writing first drafts. You don’t have to worry about every little detail, just get some words on the page. I’m one that edits as I go, and don’t heed the popular advice. 664 more words


Novel Months

This is my first post-by-phone, so if KitKat decides to autocorrect something out of context or insert a random emoji, you’ll know why. :)
So in my last post I discovered that I’m, at his stage of my writing career, more interested (or capable) of writing novellas of about 20K words than I am of whacking away at a single novel length manuscript. 281 more words

How I Write