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The Flashback Episode

You remember the sitcoms where¬†they’d start showing a collage of moments from various episodes in the past, just plugging in old bits of content as filler, and otherwise taking up room? 384 more words


Writing Musts: Except Your Brilliance

After toiling away at the first draft of a novel, pouring so much enthusiasm into the beast, heaping tremendous amounts of your own brilliance into your storytelling with an assortment of carefully chosen words and plot development, expectations… 1,236 more words


Move On: Sorting, Dumping, and Transforming First Drafts

I recently discovered that I possess an odd talent for helping people navigate through the emotional terror that is sorting, moving, donating, selling, and dumping unnecessary junk. 1,310 more words



I do not know of a cure for writer’s block, nor for bad advice. Both must be worked through. Fortunately for the story that got into Mulberry Fork Review, I wanted so badly to finish the damn thing that I took on both at the same time. 681 more words

How do writers complete their novels?

Today is the kind of day where I ask myself: how do they do it?
Today I don’t understand how writers complete their novels.

The thing is, I have the writing part nailed. 740 more words

Part Of The Journey

Beyond the First Draft

It would be easy to blame NaNoWriMo for the extent with which this blog focuses on what is essentially first-draft stuff. The lessons are chiefly targeted at getting your story written, embracing the creative process in a way that maximises your output (by stopping you from stopping), and I have no problem with that being the case. 1,428 more words


Another rough draft done....

…and now the real work starts.

I started writing for publication the fall of 1997. Back then I wrote religiously.

And after five years of rejections, I started fiddling around. 614 more words