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Distractions Away, Latte on Hand

Lately the hardest part of writing for me has been using the time I have well. Okay, so maybe not just lately. Maybe that’s always a challenge. 204 more words


Fueling the Nanowrimo Hype Train Because YES

There have been so many things going on in daily life that I almost forgot that Nanowrimo was sneaking up on me. National Novel Writing Month is waiting at the beginning of every November, giving us thirty days of writing pain and glory. 419 more words

Productivity is habit forming

Karalee’s Post #92

Last week I made commitments to be productive in my writing and to keep a balanced life while doing so. I’m very glad of the list as it has already helped me focus my time and energy and get some writing and outlining done even with life’s priorities shifting temporarily in an unforeseen direction. 335 more words

Writer's Journey


With Nanowrimo coming up in a few weeks, I thought I’d share some tools I’ve been playing with to keep track of a novel’s timeline. One of my works-in-progress involves multiple generations and interwoven plot lines, so a chart was just not going to cut it this time.  259 more words


My Brain While Writing, or, How Is Procrastination Formed

Who is this character? Is she too annoying? Too smart? Not smart enough? Plucky? Too plucky? Why is this thing happening, am I trying too hard to make it happen or is it organically happening? 301 more words

"Write drunk, edit sober?" I think Hemmingway had that backwards.

A couple of weeks ago, I finally knocked off my shitty first draft and sent my novel to a few beta readers for feedback. In the meantime, I’ve noticed several places I’ve screwed up–and I’m not even talking about the typos that run rampant throughout the draft! 263 more words

Novel Writing

Writing about writing

One of the things I do on this blog a lot is talk about other people’s writing. However if you have read the about page you’ll know that I started this blog partly because I want to be an author. 487 more words