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On finishing a first draft

I mentioned a couple of posts back that I finished the first draft of a new novel, but I didn’t really stop to dwell on that too much. 410 more words


Reading--and Writing--Battles

Fantasy, especially epic fantasy or sword and sorcery, very often includes battles. And a few things this week have come together to get me thinking about what makes a written battle work–or not. 476 more words



This week I started writing the first draft of my FIFTH book. It feels like a long time since I wrote a first draft. I’d forgotten how slow it can be, then how lightning quick, and how when you read back over what you’ve written the next day it looks like word soup. 182 more words

Writing Processes

09: Touch Down!

I’m happy to say that I’ve gotten through chapter seven of my editing as of last night.  I’m hoping to have chapter eight done, soon, too.  255 more words


New Stories In the Hopper: "Little French"

Thinking I’ll periodically show you a smidge of what I’m working on. See what you think. First up, “Little French.” No idea where this is going.  1,208 more words

First Drafts

WEDNESDAY'S WISDOM, A Quote From Ernest Hemingway

“The first draft of anything is shit…”



Talent for Trouble

One of my characters from the DUAL MAGICS series has a habit of getting into trouble. He showed it in a minor way in the first book, … 75 more words