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Most of the critiques of the second book in the Dual Magics series (formerly titled THE IGNORED PROPHECY, now likely THE VOICE OF PROPHECY) have come back. 141 more words


First Drafts - Quote (23)

“First drafts don’t have to be perfect. They just have to be written.” — Anonymous


The First Draft - IMO - CRAP

The first draft.

What a process! One I have definitely not mastered. I’ve went at stories a lot of different ways. I still haven’t decided which is the best, but I’ll explain the ones I’ve tried and you can pick which one you like best. 349 more words

How I write #3: Revising

In the third post in the How I Write series I’m going to look at how I revise a manuscript into something that, hopefully, people will want to read. 883 more words


Wicked Wednesday: SINC-Up, part two

Sisters in Crime is sponsoring a September SINC-Up, to spread the good word about good books and their authors. They suggested a few questions, so we selected one for last week and one for today. 878 more words

Wicked Wednesday

A Prayer for Writers

By Kelsey Horton

May you remember that there is no perfect word –

just like there is no perfect boyfriend, no perfect eyelash,

no perfect way you should have responded to the cruelty… 407 more words

Most of the betas have come back

Authors never really know if what we’ve written is good or bad.  We hope, we suspect, and maybe we think we know, but until someone actually reads the book and tells us, it’s a dice roll. 89 more words

Writing Experience