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rearrange your synapses - atari teenage riot

I’m all set to embark on next month’s novel. My working pattern for the next few months involves me caning work for three, four days followed by three, four days off. 390 more words


When I Speak...

I did an open mic on Monday. Three hours before attending, I didn’t know what I was reading. I set a timer and wrote out the first draft of an essay I’ve wanted to put together. 153 more words


Salvaging the First Draft

Hey there! We’ve got a pretty informative post for you today, regarding how to salvage your first draft. Hopefully you can pull something from this post and apply it to your own first drafts! 336 more words


Social Media Campaign

Some of the best planned Social Media campaigns in 2013 were successful because they endorsed public interaction. They got their audiences involved and interested. The Human Rights Campaign changed the color of its Facebook profile logo to support marriage equality. 379 more words

First Drafts

What is WRONG with you people?!

Every so often, someone writes a post that includes a picture of a nice tidy notebook filled with nice tidy handwriting with a few minor proofreading notes–obviously a story in progress. 244 more words


Maybe starting a blog will get my novel written...!

So here we are again. A few years ago I made a brief but interesting foray into blogging about my writing. I was doing my creative writing dissertation at the time, and the amount of research I had to do involved some rather fun field trips to beautiful libraries. 287 more words

The Inevitability of Confidence and Doubt

Ever read a book and think, I can do this! I can write like this! (or if you’re feeling particularly arrogant, I can write better than this! 669 more words

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