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Crash Landed Into the Deep! :x

Hey there,

  1. Mission Atlantis’ first episode (Into the Deep) will be released on Thursday, April 17.
  2. On the same date non-members will be able to play Crash Landing.
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Anime Review – Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei

We are at the beginning of a new anime season and that means it is the perfect time to do some reviews. And for today’s review, I choose an anime that I know nothing about – … 776 more words


Love Live! School Idol Project 2nd ― 1

Honoka being Honoka. Sunrise being Sunrise. Love Live! being Love Live!. But this time with Honoka as the student council president. It’s literally the same with the first season. 57 more words


Captain Earth ― 1

Unlike the super-idiot Space☆Dandy, this season, Bones brought something cool and great, and GALAXY! AMAZING!! Oh, dammit.

Daichi is literally a hiki who lives with his uncle thanks to his father died as an astronaut, then, he watched a footage of strange rainbow appeared in TV that reminds him of his past, when he met a surprising kid named Teppei in a space station or so and a sleeping beauty deep inside the building who recognized him as he woke her. 104 more words


Akuma no Riddle ― 1

“Riddle Story of Devil” might heard kinda off of the plot, but the first episode’s subtitle also gives me a great shock: “The World is Filled With (___),” so maybe the title might match. 89 more words


selector infected WIXOSS ― 1

A dark version of Aikatsu! and Fantasista Doll with the mix of Genei wo Kakeru Taiyo has come! (Three of them also original titles anyway; in case you notice if Aikatsu!’s original work is credited to Sunrise) Its darkness is the :effort: of Mari Okada, who wrote so many :feels: titles, with the music scored by Iuchi of I’ve who did Raildex series and the super-fabulous animation of J.C.STAFF, its darkness is as… 252 more words


Bokura ha Minna Kawai-Sō ― 1

To be honest, when I heard the title (in romanized), I was surprised, since as stated in Wikipedia, “Kawai-Sō” is a play for “Kawai Dorm” and “Pitiful,” and so I thought it means “We’re All Pitiful.” Dammit, when I found the kanji title, I was like… 226 more words