First frost

After an amazing and exceptionally warm autumn, we experienced this autumn’s first frost the other morning. I love the changing of the seasons.


2-Day ‘First Frost’ Festival Will Bring Arts, Fine Crafts to Flint & Genesee

In the market for some cool art to call your own or give as a gift? Check out the First Frost Arts & Fine Crafts Fair this weekend. 152 more words



Gifts of morning frost.
Steaming coffee warms the hands.
Beauty melts our hearts.


One bee's bliss

Frost warning ignored.
Colors still celebrated.
Till white covers all.


First Frost

Sunday, October 5, 2014, 8:00 AM, Clarksville, MD

First morning in the 30’s brings the first frost since . . .

Walking out to our chicken coop to release the birds from their (anti-predator) locked pen for the day, I had to walk thru our first frost of the season.  142 more words


Plan for the worst, hope for the best.

As the canning season is nearly over, may be over if it really went down to 30ºf last night as predicted, I haven’t checked yet.  Yesterday was a day to harvest everything that was ready, do a small canning as I wanted to try two of Marisa McClellan’s recipes for canning small quantities. 375 more words


In Goose Down (Tanka)

in goose down –
the dandelions dream
before the first frost –
at my passing they fly
away – away – away