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When Finding A Job Is Your Job (Part 1: The Part Time Job)

With unemployment levels sky-rocketing all across the world, it is crucial to know how to distinguish yourself from the competition.

Ironically, companies are paying thousands to recruit the “right” candidates. 2,075 more words

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a year of supermarket life

This may seem like a strange thing to blog about, but I have a lot to say about my little part time job. Its my first job – one I am unbelievably grateful to have in this generally not great economic climate. 753 more words

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Black Holes and Chocolate Cake (are one and the same)

If you can’t already tell from the title, the maths and sciences have never been my forte, with my sense of cause and effect being completely overshadowed by an inability to effectively weigh up the odds where x= 13910930 (when the answer is merely one). 651 more words


A difference a year can make

I remember so fondly, on New Year’s eve, sitting on the beach and counting down to one, wondering what 2014¬†was going to bring. I was picturing¬†where I would be counting down to 2015 and what would have happened by then. 1,195 more words


Stuttering and My Job

Alright, so here’s the last thing to say about jobs and stuttering (for the moment).

I talked about what my own situation is — and whether I’m one to even talk about these things. 353 more words

My Personal Experience in Mu Sigma - The Very First Week

Friends, you might have come to my blog to get to know about Mu Sigma Interview process but you might be interested about what after final selection. 594 more words

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Gainfully Employed

I am officially gainfully employed. That’s right, folks. I have a job, a job that will lead to a career. I just want to shout it from the rooftop or, if I was in the Alps, pull a Julie Andrews and sing it from the hilltop. 1,191 more words