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Tips for the telephone interview

A telephone/Skype interview can be just as terrifying as a face to face meeting. Whilst you don’t have to worry about what you wear you still need to be just as prepared as you would be for any other interview, arguably more so since it is harder to judge the reaction of the interviewer and you will not be asked as many leading questions. 487 more words

First Job

The skills that you already have, that company's want!

The skills that employers are looking for are skills you already have, you just need to tell them that. As I’m looking for a placement in marketing I am going to talk about skills which marketing companies are looking for but many of the skills I will speak about are important for any potential employer and so I hope this is beneficial to anyone looking for a placement. 453 more words

First Job

Going for the Goal

Hard to believe I’ve been a part of the THD team for almost a month already.

At the end of my first full week at Carat, my Planner took some time to talk to me about how I felt it was going, and to encourage me to start thinking about where I wanted my career path to go. 308 more words

Sisterhood of the World Blogger Award Q&A

The lovely Crumbs on the Carpet Blogger, Suzanne has nominated me to answer a ten questions about myself for the Sisterhood of the World Blogger Award. 703 more words

The first step to the job of your dreams

This summer I was faced with the horrors of finding a job in the real world. I’ve had part time jobs in the past doing the normal mundane saturday’s being paid far too little to do a job that I hate but this is much different, I was trying to get a job that I actually wanted. 655 more words

First Job

Social Media -- Changing Corporate Communication

The whole art of communication is changing, as I’ve been mentioning in my previous posts. Digital technology has allowed us to reach bounds which were never thought possible a mere 50 years ago. 2,367 more words

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Grads First Job Common Pitfalls

What’s a better way to help young professionals avoid common pitfalls,  than presenting the most common pitfalls? That’s right, none. So people new to the workforce, read carefully. 295 more words