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Starting Work: 5 Things All Graduates Should Know

On August the 15th 2013, I started my first professional job. I wasn’t going to be stacking shelves or scanning shopping. I was an actual grown up sat at a desk. 1,059 more words


Episode 23: Getting Comfortable


Robin is eating plain hershey’s minibars. She has used the wrappers to build a small reindeer.

Jill: Hey Robin?
Robin: Yes.
Jill: I just got this e-mail from Brian sent to both of us. 30 more words

Before They Were Stars!

THIS IS AWESOME! Check out these big name celebrities in commercials before they were stars!

Drex & Maney Mornings

Week Two!

Week two at the new job, is about to come to an end! I have had the best two weeks of training, that i have ever had in my lifetime.   459 more words

Time to Make the Donuts: My First Job

Being as life is nothing but a big, giant, 360 degree, stupid circle, perhaps it’s fitting that as I currently work in coffee at the time of writing this, and ironically my first job on the planet, yes the very first time the government put its meaty lil paws into my pockets, was also serving that ever popular caffeinated beverage. 680 more words

Episode 22: Halloween


Robin is eating Krackle minibars. The extra wrappers have been built into a small cube.

Brian: Robin come in here.

Robin slowly walks into the office, hiding her extra krackle minibars in her drawer first. 134 more words

My First Job As A Waitress

I started being a waitress when I was 18 and had just moved to Amsterdam to study. I worked in the busiest, most chaotic lunchroom in the city, with the largest outside terrace you can imagine and I started to work there in the hottest summer that The Netherlands have known. 435 more words