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Coming Soon – Last Three Best Workdays of the Year, Improve #cubiclelife #worklife , #Career and #productivity

Happy Holidays to all of my readers! Congratulations – you made it through the work year and accomplished your goals.  Given how Christmas and Hanukah fall on the 2014 calendar, it is tempting to extend winter break from now until January 5th. 306 more words


1st College Job

When I first moved to college, I never realized how “poor” I was going to be. Now, when I say “poor” I do not mean I was living in poverty. 181 more words


Slow Down

Everything is moving too fast. I feel like I’ve been talking about this point in my life forever as if it was so far away. And now that’s it’s here, I’m completely unprepared. 559 more words

How I Got My First “Real” Job

I like to joke sometimes that when it came to growing up, I panicked early. I freaked out around the end of my junior year, when most of my senior friends were graduating, and from that point on I made it my mission to decide on a career before the end of the summer. 535 more words


My First Book Cover Design Just Got Published! Yay!

Hello there, how are you guys doing?

I am fine, thank you. I would add excited to that to. My first book cover design just got published and it is so awesome seeing your design on the libraries. 45 more words


23) Mortgage Meltdown: A Gen-X Survival Story

Elena was a hotheaded Italian woman in her late 30s. She dressed in breezy skirts, high heels and several layers of makeup darker than her neck, giving her the appearance of a mismatched mannequin. 1,108 more words

Gen-X Culture

10 first jobs and the lessons they taught

Barbara Corcoran tried 22 jobs before she found the right career. That was the subject and title of a video interview she did with LinkedIn Executive Editor, Daniel Roth. 1,116 more words