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The Trouble with Writing about Work

I’ve received many requests to write about what it’s like working as a Junior Developer.

The point of my blog is to share information that can help others who are trying to break into the field, so I’ve tried to find an angle from which I can approach that subject. 184 more words


Day Thirteen: All Work No Play

There are few things more full of angst than a minimum wage job. It’s the cashier snapping her gum at you behind the register, wishing you dead with her eyes. 548 more words

The Reality of a New Job

New jobs suck….no really they do!! It’s like the first day of freshman year all over again, without the knowledge that you’ll be there for the next four years. 490 more words


Alarm Guy

I miss my first “real job” out of technical college.

Alarm Technician.

I was in my final week of Electronics school and it was an epic 2 years. 851 more words

First Job Happiness!!!

Just came back from my first ever job teaching piano to students at a music school ~~

So HAPPY!!! The hours are not long and is definitely good pay! 26 more words


It's Not What You Make it's What You Learn

How to get the most out of your first job

Work is an important part of a man’s life, the bible says “If a man will not work he will not eat”. 1,303 more words


Terrible Bosses

Terrible Bosses


Recently, I turned 25th with a slight bit of pomp and circumstance and looking back I really miss being a kid and all the perks that came with it – no responsibilities, no bills and definitely no bosses. 1,772 more words