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Need is the mother of all inventions

I was fortunate to have begun my career in HR under the guidance of two very important personalities – Mr. S.N Vyas, an exceptional IR professional and Mr. 739 more words

Why Do We Do What We Do

To perform the role of an HR executive we look at qualifications and educational backgrounds and we look at the good national or  global work exposure. 353 more words

How do you deal with a mean boss?

I got a pretty great job minutes away from my house that came with a great pay and good benefits. The only downside is my terrible boss – make that… 169 more words


The Reality of Childhood Fairy Tales

I don’t know where this fairy tale came from, it is not in any Disney Princess movie, but there is an idea that is somehow placed into little girls’ heads that at 25 they will be married with a job and kids on the way.   352 more words


Dream Job Plot Twist

I have been in despair for about two weeks now, the kind of despair that cripples and inhibits you from doing things you ought to do. 564 more words

Begginer Writer

My New Job!

Alright, so I have worked at the local kmart in my hometown twice. yup, you read that right. twice. The reason being, the first time that I worked there, I had a blast! 308 more words

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As A Demonstrator

My first shift at the personal grooming store was supposed to be for training- I got the minimal but hey, all you had to do is to draw in customers and try and get them to get the product, or what my boss says to bullshit that I know everything about the product I’m demonstrating. 347 more words

Teenage Life