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Pre-K quality: even slight improvements have large economic benefits, which justify even large costs to improve quality

One argument made in my new book, From Preschool to Prosperity, is that even slight improvements in preschool quality can be shown by the economic logic of educational investments to have large benefits. 494 more words

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Research shows that students who believe in and have the following characteristics do better at school. Helping your children succeed academically can be as simple as teaching your children these 4 important attributes or qualities. If children can answer "yes" to each set of statements under the attibutes then their chance of success is greater.

1. Teach them to believe they can succeed academically  I can do even the hardest homework if I try I can learn the things taught in school                                                                          Families-Teachers-210x312[1] I can figure out difficult schoolwork 2. Inspire internal motivation to learn I want to understand how to solve problems I like to look for more information about school subjects I want to learn new things 3. Teach them to manage their own learning I ask myself questions as I go along to make sure my homework makes sense to me I try to figure out the hard parts of my schoolwork on my own I go back over things I don't understand I try to find a place that makes it easier to do my homework 4. Train them to know how to ask for help- especially from teachers I can get along with most of my teachers I can go and talk with most of my teachers I can get my teachers to help me if I have problems with other students I can explain what I think to most of my teachers I ask the teacher to tell me how well I'm doing in class Hoover-Dempsey, K., Sandler Howard., et al. Model of Parent Involvement, student survey data from Nebraska PIRC and Iowa PIRC (I-SPIN).  

First Light Haiku

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temple of the dawn

joyful congruence of light

bright sun and pale moon


First Light #haiku #poem #photography

bone chilling cold

winter’s darkest moment

the soul’s deepest need


crunch beneath boots

trees reach to catch snowflakes

welcome dawn’s mooring

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...illuminations... CD 621 (12.7/8.14)

CD 621 (12.7/8.14)

out of the black hat
white rabbit on the full moon
lighting our way home

the ah-ha moment
the thought becoming clear… 58 more words

First Light on First Snow (Tanka / Photo Editing)

first light on first snow –
the scent of brown leaves  

sleeps until spring –  
at the pawing of deer  
autumn stirs slightly  

Linked to the… 158 more words

7 December 2014 -- #haiku

like a shy bride
peeking out from the darkness
first light

– I start work at 5 a.m these days which is very difficult for this night person. 27 more words


Seeking New Solace - Carpe Diem #61, first light

waking while mourning

a spiritual cadence

sweep brief emotion


light emanate soft

a new day, quick reckoning

touch opportunity


when time can renew… 9 more words