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6 Years Later

“Mom, come on!” I’ve been waiting by the door for fifteen minutes with my bag of clothes.

“Jaxson, don’t yell!” She came around the corner, grabbing her car keys from the coffee table. 1,732 more words


Do you ever forget your first love?

Do you ever totally forget your first love?

The reason first love stories are so compelling to read is because there is something so powerful about a young love experience. 887 more words


To my first love-

Hold on when you feel like letting go

I think I followed that too closely, with too many aspects of my life. So, yes, I was hooked on you. 195 more words

17 - A Life Lived Through Stories: Insignificant woman no. 3

She was, quite possibly, my first love. She was certainly the first good thing that came into my life as a teenager.

Oh, of course, I’d had girlfriends before – a stack of them, if I’m honest but that sounds like boasting, doesn’t it? 4,606 more words


Understanding Forever

08 July 2013 A friend gave this to me in the wake of my grieving. My father died just about 2 weeks before I receive this. 1,310 more words

Playing The Field

Your first relationship is always the hardest relationship to let go of, or be completely committed to. Even if you two are 18 and straight out of high school, there’s a huge possibility that your will not last. 520 more words


Timing Is Everything

Ever heard of meeting the right person at the wrong time? I feel like that’s what happened to me. I met this guy three years back, and I guess you could say it was “love at first sight,” but the timing was off. 687 more words

Come To Terms