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The notebook..

My diary.
My plan is to type exactly what is written in my diary, and afterwards explain, or even possibly decode what I am talking about. 348 more words


First love.

You’ll never know the impact you created on me if I don’t tell you so here it is.

The time we shared together was is something I cherished very much. 337 more words

Sno'Cone Kisses

The hottest summer on record,
go-kart fuel and peppermint lip-gloss.

© Chagall 2014


It all started with a Greyhound Bus Station..

Once upon a time, I was a hopeless romantic. I believed that love could conquer all. My high school boyfriend and I had decided we would make it through the distance. 380 more words

It's Called Your First Love For A Reason

It’s the first time she smiles at you, the first time he picks you up for a date, the first time they kiss you, taking your face into their hands and pulling you in. 965 more words

You're not alone

Yesterday was the birthday of the first boy I ever loved.  It was a long time ago.  Seems like another lifetime really.  He’s a Taurus, the polarity to my Scorpio.   309 more words


The Affair

I distinctly remember, it was last Friday of Oct, 2003 when I first saw you. My heart skipped a beat, my jaw dropped to floor and my eyes did not blink for a whole minute. 238 more words