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When Memories Rain

I don’t know when the rains started to bleed.

A taste of salty pining, a dash of

Peppered moments and memories, dancing together

Their bodies, clasped, loosening, melting, blurring. 123 more words

The Wings Of Poesy

Midst of the night

Must I lie awake at night,
Gripping my own limp body as if it should be you pulling me in closer.
I can not stop the river of tears pouring out the side of my eyes, nor can I stop the aching pain piercing through my heart. 75 more words

Going Back To My First

I want to feel my heart pound like the first moment I met you. I want to feel the gushing feeling inside my heart i get when you look at me. 103 more words

First and Lasting Love

Social Science Says Lasting Relationships Come Down to 2 Basic Traits, one of today’s The Mind Unleashed selections gave me a warm feel-good flicker of recognition in resonating truth, though so simple and time-worn as to appear trite. 1,250 more words


What I learned from my first boyfriend

Relationships at a young age can be very delicate, you’ve got the random, teenage ‘going out’ phase where you and another person say you’re going out, it lasts a week or so, then you either ‘break up’ or one of the friends say you’re not going out any more. 678 more words

Relationships / Dating

It Never Dies!

My yearning for success in the music industry never dies. I am often laughed at because I hold the same enthusiasm for music the same as the day I wrote my first song, or performed in front of my first audience. 509 more words