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My Star In OUR Sky

A poetry after a REALLY long time.

Starlit sky

Calls to her

She raises her fingers

Tiptoes on her feet




Three times three. 499 more words

A Shade Of Pen

Emotional dishabille in a relationship

Just a thought-

You ought to realize that if you fall for an atrociously self-centered person, it would only be you in the any kind of relationship, forever. 947 more words


“Breakups” in Friendship

Just a thought -

Giving thoughts to the question, “why are we friends” jeopardises a friendship

She was lying awake on her bed, gazing at the ceiling. 899 more words


Pivotal emotion "Love"

Just a thought-

I get the feel of melancholy subdued in loud music because it mutes the voice of my soul.

With lots of wary, trying to hide that butterflies bustling crusade, she told him. 302 more words


4 Days from "Home".

Dearest “Cyclone”,

Wasn’t it fun darling! Every minute of it is treasured in my mind.  Yes, even the tender shiver of pleasure that I felt run through you when you tasted that kiss. 392 more words

Musings Of My Father

25 July. One Day and a Half Out of Rio De Janeiro

Dearest  “Cyclone”,

Hello Darling!  Still love me?  Say, remember all the kidding we’ve done about “champagne”?  Well, the other night they had a masquerade ball for the First Class passengers, and one woman, a Met. 263 more words

Musings Of My Father

The First Heartbreak

Sometimes we don’t understand why we do the things we do so how could we possibly understand others? And the things they choose to do? … 463 more words

First Love