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Elle Talent Award. 2012 Entry

“Let me tell you about my first love”. It was the sentence I had been waiting for, for a while. Wondering when my mother would confide in me, like the friend I was now becoming. 845 more words


First love reality.

The reason why we think first love is beautiful is not because people we loved first were actually handsome or pretty. It’s because we were unconditional, innocent or a bit stupid at the time. 

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First Love

I’ve been in one of those moods recently, where I have been contemplating and reminiscing on big events in my life and wondering how different would life be if I hadn’t had these ‘miles stones’. 1,072 more words


First Love and Other Stories, Ivan Turgenev

Joseph Conrad said ‘Art should carry its justification in every line’ and if that’s good enough for Joe I think Chico Chica should do the same. 356 more words

Chico Chica

I'll always love you

I spotted a pair of cherry 8 up Doc Martens yesterday and my heart swelled. This incredible feeling of love and longing washed over me. It was like seeing an old lover who made you quiver with lust and feel like you’d been caught in a rain storm on a hot summer’s day. 259 more words


Falling in love again...

I remember the first time I fell in love.  I remember what I was wearing, where I was; the scratched black pattern of pine trees on the yellow curtain and the way the winter sunlight crept in through the weave.  389 more words


p.s. i love you

azra is sleeping, and i guess i should be too. but i felt like writing a bit.

(us, currently <3)

i can't believe i'm here, with him. 278 more words