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First Position (Bess Kargman, USA, 2011)

I love documentaries on ballet. I like seeing the toil, the boredom, the grind of constant effort, the blistered feet, the pain, the process. I find it interesting that all of this is in the service of the unnatural, of getting one’s body to contort in ways it wasn’t designed to, and thus do things that we call ‘marvelous’ because they’re not natural, they’re not ordinary. 399 more words

José Arroyo

Art Themed Documentaries

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Beauty Is Embarrassing

This documentary was ‘ok.’ It was slow moving and I fought boredom throughout due to the slow pacing. It follows an accomplished and famous artist and illustrator as he reflects on art. 492 more words


Ballet Steps for Young Children

Children naturally love music and enjoy moving to it so it’s great to encourage this natural enthusiasm by putting on music and encouraging children to dance. 404 more words


Perceptual positions in NLP an esoteric perspective!

Perceptual positions in NLP an esoteric perspective!

If you have studied any NLP, you would have heard of perceptual positions and how they can be utilized as an exercise in order to find out information, learn and come to new conclusions about yourself and other people. 423 more words


How to get the MOST out of your barre workout!

After collaborating for the past couple months on what we hope to bring to the barre community in Savannah, Christina and I thought it was time we start a blog and instagram for those that can not make it regularly to class, are working to perfect their technique before we see them again, and who hope to learn more about barre in general–to help decide if it is right for them! 897 more words

New Releases, New Books

I can’t believe February went by so fast. I’ve posted the new releases for March. There’s some good stuff coming out including the one I’ve been waiting for The Midnight Rose by Lucinda Riley. 188 more words

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