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First Things First

So today I started a blog and I guess this means I have moved myself into the modern age of teenage journaling. I’ve heard blogging is cathartic but I’m waiting for something in me to just explode or tell me that my life has meaning or some sort of internal epiphany that hasn’t occurred yet, so I guess I’ll just keep typing. 79 more words


Super Hero Juice?

I know dumb name right?  Well I’m not here trying to impress anyone, I simply like to write. And i knew for the longest time i wanted to start a blog mostly for fun and a hobby to keep me busy. 310 more words

Casual Blog

Why does this blog exist?

I don’t know about you, but I feel like that’s a great question. So many blogs exist today that they can become cliché very quickly. I will answer why I created this blog in just a minute, but here’s a quick description of the author so you have some idea of who’s behind this crazy thing: 836 more words

All I wanted to do was wear the blue

For my first blog I thought it would be good to tell my story, of where I was and now where I am.
I have created this blog to hopefully be a source to the many females in law enforcement, family/friends of females in law enforcement, or even male officers who wonder what goes on in their female co-workers brains. 717 more words


Obligatory Awkward First Blog Post

Well. Let’s just do this and get it out of the way.

My name is Amanda and I have an addiction.

After years of beauty hoarding and trying a plethora of different skin care and makeup items from every place imaginable, I thought it might beneficial to put all the time, effort and money I’ve invested over the years toward something useful. 18 more words


Well Hel-LO

Well aren’t you just the finest little piece of WordPress I ever did see…

Nice to meet you guys. Really it’s more of a reunion, because I’ve had a site on here before, but I think I broke it…don’t really know what’s wrong with it, but one of the many wonders of the Internet is how I can just make a new website and not feel guilty about wasting paper or anything, like I would if I had lost a notebook or my cat peed on it or something. 133 more words


My life, my experiences, my blog, my right.

First Post