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Video: Sleepwave (Ex-Underoath)- 'Through The Looking Glass'

Oh the glory days of Underoath. Remember them? Fronted by 2 vocalists, Spencer Chamberlain and Aaron Gillespie. Since the band called it quits early last year, Aaron committed to Paramore, filling in for their drummer who was unable to tour with them. 133 more words

PJ Harvey Tuesday #15: "Dress"

This is a continuation of the PJ Harvey Tuesday series started at the Rumpus. You can see the Rumpus installments here and the rest of the Tusk installments… 615 more words


T♔ARA (티아라): Wanna Play? (놀아볼래?)

 A-yo, what time is it? It’s Time For T-ARA
We came to get down, you know what I mean? Now check it out, Uh 

 T-ARA came to get down, we got that new flava sound… 581 more words


T♔ARA (티아라): Lies (거짓말) [Ballad Version]

 너 아니면 난 안돼 안돼 너 아니면 정말 싫은데
neo animyeon nan andwae andwae neo animyeon jeongmal sireunde
If it’s not you, I can’t, I can’t, if it’s not you, I don’t want anything else… 565 more words


T♔ARA (티아라): Lies (거짓말) [Dance Version]

 사랑한단 거짓말 (Oh no way 날 사랑 했어)
saranghandan geojitmal (Oh no way nal sarang haess-eo)
Lying that you love me (Oh no way, you don’t love me) 749 more words


Intermission, and a shameless plug ;)

Well, I know what happens at the end of Tawny’s story, but I’m going to keep that little bit of information to myself. (Apologies to any curious folk out there – but I’ve got to keep some of this up my sleeve!) In the meantime, Tawny’s story is not the only story I have written/planned out. 116 more words

Hilary Duff's New Single "Chasing The Sun" Coming Next Week!

Exclusive news! Hilary Duff’s first single from her upcoming album will premiere next Thursday, July 24th at the Marquee in New York City. VOSS NYC broke the news last night, tweeting about her lead single premiere: 417 more words