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being considered mad, when your different

to some…possibly not an issue, ive ever had… and i am and was born very different to who i was meant to be.

my comment to the whole mad man,  maybe he just wanted sex with more women…seems that way, but and yet, he was devoted to his wife, and she to him, until his death. 9 more words

First Steps

no butt kisser

i have issues with the whole fame factor…i can name people who are famous, but the ones i name were famous after they were dead.  and kissing butt, i still think is a factor in how far you get. 49 more words

First Steps

im quite shy with the whole fundraising


but im gaining my confidence.

I like doing things differently.  But once i have more time on my hands. I spend a lot of time job searching,( i have fixed hours i have to do this, by my contact, i do more than these) i don’t have a day off, i am also studying a language, and doing my photography so i can go in to business, and also busy with house work and painting. 109 more words

First Steps

agatha raisin


agatha raisin is a character of books i love to read. shes  unpolitically correct, smokes like a stack of chimneys and drinks like a shawl of fish.. 150 more words

First Steps