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An Empty Screen


I sit down to begin my first ever blog post. Ideas swirl around my head as I consider what I should enlighten you with. To be honest, I am unsure how these first posts are supposed to go… I take a deep breath and fix my gaze onto the illuminated screen in an effort to concentrate. 369 more words



Hi I’m Melanie

I’m a 29 year old Capricorn that lives in Western NY. I’m Bipolar. There I said it. When I first was diagnosed I was terrified and lost.

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  • Become familiar with distance education
  • Learn about the social networks we use so much
  • Learn what the Web 2.0 is and what it means for education…
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Let us begin, again.

This is my first experience with an online class.  So far I am digging the format and the ability to work around my schedule.  I am nervous about not having a normal class meeting I feel like I’m missing a class…  I am trying to get used to the process of scheduling assignments and due dates without having a class reminder because I could see how things could slip through the cracks if I’m not on top of it.  168 more words

Digital Camera Photography

I have a great interest in photography ever since I was younger. I knew from the moment i touched a camera for the first time, i had it in me. 753 more words


Inner Critic

What does your inner critic say to you and how does it affect your ability to take risks? If you had to name your inner critic, what you name it? 459 more words

Pop Culture

So this is blogging?

Late to this party aren’t I?
I’ll give blogging a shot however, for sure, the chance of someone finding & actually reading this is pretty damn low. 201 more words