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The Proof Is In The Pudding!

Foto found on yanksing.com….

If you want to know who your true supporters are, take a look at who is there when you are at your absolute worst.  86 more words



I have always thought about making a blog but then again I am too lazy to even write about anything and I do consider myself quite boring at times. 87 more words


My baby post

I have been wanting to blog for so many years and have not mustered enough courage to do so. And now after 14 years since the blogging mania started, i just gave birth to mine. 16 more words

Baby Post

No one told me about the poop...

Seriously, if someone had told me about all the poop I would be exposed to as a mom I would not have believed them.  Why didn’t anyone tell me about the poop?  868 more words

Leia Agnew Hill

The Magic of Love...

In the world of LOVE, nothing matters.. When you love a person, you automatically love them as a whole package… You wouldn’t care about their height, their age, weight, looks or whatever.. 67 more words

First Time Blogger

Get Real… Blogging Woes

Just a quick update, as I shed some light as a new blogger to all who read this.

Apparently, it is not the most clever of ideas to remove images from your media library after publishing a post. 124 more words


(Found this foto online………………)

I swear Love is like the juice of a lemon squeezed on a fresh flesh wound.

Ever feel like you hate everybody? Lol.

First Time Blogger