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Disasters in Diamondhead: Caffeine, Spiders and Cops, Oh my!

Having a child changes everything. EVERYTHING. Having two just makes you crazy. Each time we go on a trip, I swear we will never do it again… then parental amnesia sets in, and I agree to go all over again… “Oh, yes, that sounds like fun!!” 957 more words

Leia Hill

Celebrating in your late twenties

Isn’t it funny how birthday celebrations change? When you’re a little kid everyone makes your birthday all about you. You get a party with family and maybe some friends, There are presents, cake and lots of attention. 860 more words

First Time Blogger

Creating a NEW Life

Have you ever wanted a new life? Have you ever looked around at what you have and although, thankful for the people and life around you, thought about breaking free, running away and becoming someone else? 559 more words

Leia Hill

Hello Online World!

What a trip it has been getting this blog up and going. While I’m not new to computers (I had a 14-year career making maps), this ‘blogging’ adventure is totally new to me. 124 more words

Got Faith?

(Lovely foto found online……………….)

Shout out to the Holy Trinity! I’m on a personal spiritual journey in efforts to get closer to my Higher Power.  There’s something definitely missing in my life and I believe that I’m moving in the right direction here. 26 more words

First Time Blogger

My First Time...

…at blogging, that is. I have always wanted a personal blog. I think I am clever and witty. I have a lot to say and for some reason, I think people should and will be interested. 634 more words

Leia Hill

Budget, Smudget...?

Money and I have a love- hate relationship. I love to spend it, but when I don’t have it, I hate it. I feel utterly abandoned and alone. 1,381 more words

First Time Blogger