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Yet So Uncouth

There are countless memes and jokes on the internet about “mister steal your girl”, and of guys who have been friend-zoned stealthily waiting on the sidelines for your man to screw up. 452 more words


Newbie. Hurray for Today.

So,  yeah,  I finally did it.  I started a blog.  Yay! And yes, I’ve recently read that blogs are still relevant in this social media trendy times.   119 more words

November 2014

Blogger Virgin


As an aspiring fashion photographer I have a huge interest in style, so why not join the blog-band-wagon!


Football, FIFA & Football

This is my first venture into the medium of blogging, and I freely admit it may take some time before I truly grasp the concept of tags and categories but that will come with time. 720 more words


Heeeeey! Are You A Knight Or Something?

I’m laying in my warm comfy bed, after a rather long day, alone, unfortunately or fortunately depending…and I started to really give thought to something interesting that happened today. 807 more words


First Post!!

Hey Y’all, Im Megan Cahill. This is my first ever blog, so I am still configuring everything out. I am 17 years old as of Feb, 27th. 567 more words

First Post

Can We Talk?

A friend on Instagram, @nashalacole, posted the pic above on her page and it stuck with me. The blatant lack of communication has been swirling all around me these past few weeks; I’ve experienced it in my personal life, and witnessed it in friend’s lives, and in the lives of a few of my clients. 810 more words