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Week 29, Day 2- I Think I Am Going to Miss This

Yup- I said it.  I think I am going to miss pregnancy.  I remember my cousin telling me she LOVED being pregnant and actually cried after having her daughter because she missed it so much (bless that woman for her honesty- I love her : ))  I remember TOTALLY being judgmental (who would cry cause their baby is on the outside not inside anymore?)- and who knows how I’ll feel.  165 more words

Week 28, Day 7- Nursery in a Nutshell

SO this weekend we finally got to get going in the nursery!!!  Best feeling ever.  It all started Friday while my husband and I were at work- my BFF’s Fiance (and our new friend as well) came over and painted the whole room- walls, trim and ceilings all in a morning…the man is amazing and we love him.  605 more words

breastfeeding mama

My breastfeeding journey came to an end a few weeks ago, so I thought it would be a nice time to reflect and share my story. 1,439 more words

First Time Mother

These Little Ones Are Not Our Own

Warning: The video will most likely make you cry. I was in super serious, emotional, reflecting on life mode this morning and this may not be a “fun” post…but it’s what’s on my mind. 902 more words

online shopping: the little black book

If you know me, you will know I am a self confessed online shopping addict.

Shopping in the comfort of my own home really appeals to me, … 317 more words

First Time Mother

"Never the Same"

As a licensed psychotherapist I knew about postpartum mood disorders; postpartum blues, postpartum depression and postpartum psychosis. I knew that it could happen to anyone, including me. 726 more words


Week 27, Day 1- One of Those Update Thingys


BABY THIS WEEK: 14.5 Inches, 2 Lbs!  Elliot is looking more and more like himself…a little red and wrinkly but he’s going to be packing on the lbs soon enough and hopefully losing the redness….if he’s anything like his Dad and me he’ll be obnoxiously pale. 357 more words