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Party pooper

Turns out hiding a pregnancy is actually quite hard this time of year – EVERYONE wants to go out drinking!

I’ve got a halloween party, engagement party, all day wedding, bridal shower and now my boss just announced today that as a treat he will take us all out for drinks at the end of the month. 114 more words

First Time Mother

Lets get ready to 'Apple' crumble!

Woo hoo! I have a doctors!

Since moving to the city 8 months ago I haven’t registered with a local doctors surgery yet and obviously it is a bit more urgent now that I am “with child” (ooo how weird to type that haha!). 476 more words

First Time Mother

It's all gravy...

Today I realised I have my first pregnancy craving – GRAVY. I have had it four nights in a row and tonight I made extra and ate it out of the bowl…not good haha! 299 more words

First Time Mother

The positive tests and the negative thoughts

Why are digital tests so rubbish?

I decided I needed to take a picture of my tests for memory sakes and the results of the digital ones have disappeared already. 300 more words

First Time Mother

Psychics and Secrets

Today I went along to a psychic with my friends and cousin. We’ve had it booked for over a month and ironically I originally wanted to go to see if she could tell me whether I was to focus on having kids or getting a career first. 357 more words

First Time Mother

Coming Summer 2015...

I’m a 26 year old Internet Sales Manager and I live in Glasgow with my husband. He has been desperate to be a dad pretty much since we met 6 years ago! 327 more words

First Time Mother

Motherhood 3 Months In- What I Love and What I Could Do With Out

I have been finding it hard lately to really put into words everything that has been going on these past week. I want to be able to post something to help myself remember this season of life even if I wish some things could be different. 703 more words