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Which one am I? My child's mother or my mother's child?

My mother is coming! I am so happy! I can be a kid again and expect her to take care of me! She will feed me, help me clean up, cheer me up if I feel down, fill in the blanks whenever I feel I fall short of an adult with her pep talk… 324 more words


Am I missing opportunities to record moments of my pregnancy?

That is the constant question resonating in my head nowadays…

At the very beginning, 8 months ago, 9 months seemed a very… VERY long time. I could not even imagine how the next few months progress… And I had quite a few ideas to make my pregnancy memorable. 509 more words


The bellybutton saga: the outey is coming

Stomach is starting to feel big, round and tight. Decided to examine it tonight.

Lifted my top and I saw my bellybutton.
And I laughed then I cried hahaha. 78 more words


Motherhood Week 23- Elliot and The Other Mother

Well, the time has finally come that Elliot will no longer be spending his days with his Dad at our home. As of yesterday he officially started Day care…and for now, I’m pretty ok with it. 629 more words


     The first time I learned I was going to have my first child, I never knew what kind of mother I would be. I grew up with my grandmother most of my life because my mom had to work miles and oceans apart from us to support us financially and to give us the best future as she had envisioned. 313 more words


Getting Rid of the Dummy

Before you have your first child, you make profound statements like:

“I’m not going to co-sleep with my child. They’re going to sleep in their cot from day one”. 543 more words


Motherhood Week 19- Just One of Those Update Thingys

HOW OLD IS ELLIOT: 19 weeks & 5 days

BABY THIS WEEK/MONTH:  It looked like he was starting to roll for a good couple days and since has lost interest.  263 more words