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Motherhood Week 19- Just One of Those Update Thingys

HOW OLD IS ELLIOT: 19 weeks & 5 days

BABY THIS WEEK/MONTH:  It looked like he was starting to roll for a good couple days and since has lost interest.  263 more words

It's symptom swap time! (And the secret is starting to come out!!)

Well – first thing is first! I had a complete breakdown on Sunday and sobbed face down into the sofa while my husband watched in bemusement and asked me why I was crying. 513 more words


Happy being oblivious or wanting to know everything

If this is your first pregnancy, are you being the conscientious student and reading all your baby books…or are you like I was – happier not knowing all the intimate details going in. 288 more words


That was a LONG week

Happy Halloween everyone!!!

Well I haven’t been on to write anything for a week now, partly because I have been very busy – spending time with the hubby and getting my Halloween costume ready haha – but MAINLY because pregnancy symptoms have hit me good! 357 more words


Got my first midwife appointment and scan date! Woohoo!!

I am SO excited! Phoned the doctors to double check I was now definitely on the system and they said yes. So I excitedly phoned the midwife appointment line and gave them my details and woohoo appointments are booked! 524 more words


Party pooper

Turns out hiding a pregnancy is actually quite hard this time of year – EVERYONE wants to go out drinking!

I’ve got a halloween party, engagement party, all day wedding, bridal shower and now my boss just announced today that as a treat he will take us all out for drinks at the end of the month. 114 more words


Lets get ready to 'Apple' crumble!

Woo hoo! I have a doctors!

Since moving to the city 8 months ago I haven’t registered with a local doctors surgery yet and obviously it is a bit more urgent now that I am “with child” (ooo how weird to type that haha!). 476 more words