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The story of Keira Sage's birth: A natural, unmedicated, first-time mother's story.

Disclaimer: I believe that it is every mother’s right to choose what is best for her labor and delivery.  I also realize that every individual circumstance is uniquely different. 2,088 more words


Motherhood Day 20- Cluster Feeding: Welcome to My World

No one told me about this! And even if they had I probably would have no idea the mental anguish it would cause me. It’s just one of those lovely things you must experience to understand. 647 more words

Motherhood Day 15- With Highs Comes Lows

I had written a post about pregnancy and related it to a roller coaster- same goes for motherhood apparently. Is motherhood a word? The more I write it and say it in my head it sounds weird (maybe it’s the lack of sleep!). 494 more words

Motherhood- Day 13, Doing Errands is AWESOME!

Today is quite possibly the best day ever- why? Cause I got out of the house and did errands!!!! Never have I been so excited to just “do things” than today. 518 more words

6 Tips For Potty-Training A Toddler

Several people have asked me for advice about potty-training because we took our son out of daytime diapers when he was less than two years old.  899 more words


Life Decisions That Shaped My Life

Motherhood has come early for me. At the age of 20, I became pregnant with my first child. While I have had my fears and doubts about this event in my life, I have never thought of aborting my child or giving it up. 356 more words

Do all good things end?

I returned to work last March, in a part time capacity, with a planned staging back to full time.  I had the luxury, given the seniority of my role, of starting at 3 days per week for 3 months, followed by 3&1/2 days for 4 months, and then was able to extend the 4 days per week out for a whole 9 months.   278 more words

First Time Mother