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Motherhood Week 9- Facing a Hard Reality & Feeling Blessed

Well tomorrow is the day that I feel will change every thing.  I go back to work.  It’s not just that I won’t be spending my days will Elliot- but I won’t be spending them with my husband either.  537 more words

Four months as a mother

Samuel Theodor is now 4 months and to celebrate he got his first spoon of banana-pear puree! To say the least, he did not rank it as the best meal he has ever got, but we tried again today and he was more interested :-) 388 more words


Motherhood- 1 Month Complete

It’s hard to believe it’s been a month, at times it seems like just yesterday Elliot joined us and others it seems like he has been with us forever. 730 more words

World Breastfeeding Week, 1-7 Aug

On the 15th anniversary World Breastfeeding Week, 1-7 August, UNICEF says initiating breastfeeding within one hour of birth could greatly reduce neonatal deaths 375 more words

Events & Competitions

Motherhood 3 weeks and some change- No One Did Ever Say it was Easy

So no one ever told me being a mom to a newborn was easy- yet I think I went into this thinking it would be. My pregnancy was a breeze..life in general goes pretty smooth for me, so why not motherhood? 855 more words

The story of Keira Sage's birth: A natural, unmedicated, first-time mother's story.

Disclaimer: I believe that it is every mother’s right to choose what is best for her labor and delivery.  I also realize that every individual circumstance is uniquely different. 2,088 more words


Motherhood Day 20- Cluster Feeding: Welcome to My World

No one told me about this! And even if they had I probably would have no idea the mental anguish it would cause me. It’s just one of those lovely things you must experience to understand. 647 more words