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The Lonely Only

You can’t put a price on my experiences with Blake. Some days I find myself applying for day jobs but it seems like within a day, I’m reminded of why we made this decision. 801 more words

My LIfe

Motherhood Week 13- Oh, You Again?

I got my period. It’s kinda weird cause it’s been exactly 1 year and 4 days since my LMP (9/24/2013-the date that started all conversations about pregnancy at first)…it’s funny to think that with in the next 2 weeks or so it will be a year exactly that Elliot has been with us. 374 more words

Motherhood Week 12- Sleep? I'll pass....for now.

The other day I posted how Elliot slept through the night and was hoping it would be a regular occurrence. So far it was just a onetime thing and for now that is just fine with me. 206 more words

Motherhood Week 12- Sleeping Through the Night

Last night Elliot slept a full night for the first time. I can’t believe I have survived 80 days in a row with out a full night’s sleep! 328 more words

Confessions of a dummy mummy

As you probably know, my blog instead of following a strict niche is all about things and ideas I love. As I am now a mom, I have started a new segment: Mommy musings. 525 more words


Organizing the Chaos: Create a Baby binder.

When it comes to work, my files, projects, and papers are ordered and systemized with military precision…but I have to admit I’m not the most organized person on the homefront. 1,007 more words


Raising Boys

Is your little one the brightest and most handsome? Well well… is not yours, am afraid, it’s mine!

As all mothers have that in common, and no one would dare talking about it so we don’t hurt our friends feelings is best to keep it that way! 919 more words