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A Virgin?

When you lose your virginity to someone, you do it because you believe that they are the one. That they will be the only person that you will ever have sex with, and for the small percentage of society this happens in their relationship. 334 more words

First Love

There's a First Time for Everything...

“Come home with me tonight,” she moaned, dragging her lips from his as she averted her eyes and stared into the darkness just beyond his broad shoulder. 735 more words

First Time

White Houses

Why do we “lose” our virginity? Can we find it again? Is it even a thing that can be lost?

I hate this wording. The imagery that it brings up. 372 more words

First Post

Hi semuanya…
Salam kenal, ini postingan pertama saya, saya akan membahas berita-berita bola pada blog ini, semoga bermanfaat bagi anda semuanya ya…

Terima kasih

Berita Bola

Making Progress

So about two weeks ago I came to the point where I was so frustrated with my lack of progress that I just sat down in front of the computer and told myself that I wasn’t getting up until I either had a double boiler or a pour-pot on the way for making candles. 451 more words


First Time on a Plane

On the 3rd will be my first time on a plane and I have anxiety about it. It is only an hour flight but it is on a very small plane (my Mother has flown with them before) and I just do not know how to make it any easier on myself. 63 more words


9 Things Girls Do Before Having Sex With You For The First Time

1. They consult with one another

Is it too fast? Do you like him? Do I even like him? No matter your relationship or view on sex, girls talk about this with each other. 738 more words