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Week 7: Nausea Has Lost All Novelty

Week 7 meant a lot of resting - Lisa dealing with the side effects of growing a human and me with the very special summer cold (that she gave me).   473 more words


How hard is it to make a sandwich?

Today Nugget wants: a Slamburger and cheese fries

If you’ve never had the pleasure of eating a Slamburger, let me describe it for you. It’s basically a breakfast burger. 255 more words

8 Weeks

Too tired for paragraph format.

  • Fatigue continuing.
  • Mood swings moderate to severe.
  • Nausea better than week 6 but still constant. Keeping food in my stomach and walking helps.
  • 201 more words

Busting out the maternity clothes

Today at 13w2d, I’m wearing my first pair of maternity pants.. these are AMAZING!!

Nugget isn’t getting squashed when I sit down or lean forward. I can’t wait to get a couple more pairs! 6 more words

3D ultrasound

We are three hours away from seeing our baby in 3D!!

Just entering week 12 now. I’m feeling incredible nervous and worried (as I always do right before a doctor appointment) that the doctor will find something wrong with the little plum. 105 more words


2nd Trimester Whoas

So it’s still happening… I’m still getting headaches and lots of stomach aches.  Boo! I take tylenol time to time but I honestly hate taking any medication while pregnant.   457 more words