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Week 8: Thriving Embryo

Today was a perfect mixture of relaxation and productivity.  Today was a good day (a la Ice Cube)…This morning while standing in the kitchen admiring our ultrasound photos Lisa said the funniest truest thing that came to mind – “While I’ve been feeling like shit, that thing has been thriving.” 373 more words


Week 8: Cue Pomp and Circumstance

It’s Graduation Day!!!  We are officially 8 weeks and 2 days pregnant.  The baby’s heart was beating at 171 bpm and he/she was measuring right around an inch. 223 more words


It's a...

Last week’s 3d ultrasound appointment was fantastic. The whole ultrasound was recorded on a DVD and we got to see our little one kicking and bouncing and rolling around for the first time (: 49 more words


twelve weeks, and also thirteen

I am a bit behind on the posting, not because nothing has been happening, but because so much has been happening.

1.  I hit 12 weeks, and had my ob appointment with the man doctor.   867 more words

The Medical Machine

Finding Words

I’ve been trying to find the perfect words for this post, but I give up. The fact is, I’m pregnant. And, I’m over-the-moon excited that we’re going to have a little one in our home sometime in January. 378 more words

And Faith

Pregnancy Survival Guide: Battling Morning Sickness

You’re likely to experience morning sickness at some point during pregnancy and it can range from an irritating sick feeling to frequent vomiting which may even require medical attention. 614 more words


the tiny chronicles: week eleven

In case you haven’t heard, Kyle and I are expecting our first Tiny Troyer. We are so excited for this little one to get here, and thrilled to become parents! 626 more words