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Week 8

I’m just going to throw it out there, I am super excited for Easter! My whole family is in town, and we have big plans for brunch, maybe parade, and lots of egg hunting! 593 more words


Emerging out of the dark

The fog is finally starting to lift and thank tha lawd I am beginning to feel like myself again.

The past 6 weeks were unpleasant to say the least. 503 more words


favorite things: first trimester addition

At about 12.5 weeks into this pregnancy, I’m nearing the completion of what has proven to be an absolutely miserable first trimester. This little one wants to make sure I know it is there! 1,043 more words


And Baby Makes Three...

Hello, dears. I know it’s been radio silence for a while and I can explain. There’s a lot happening over here ¬†and if you haven’t already noticed some new material on my Pinterest page or the announcements on Twitter and Instagram, allow me to tell you now: We’re having a baby! 1,802 more words


The First Trimester Conundrum

I wrote this piece when I was in my third trimester, and published it on a blog on prenatal yoga I was thinking about starting. I had a really nice comment on it the other day, and realized that it has been getting quite a lot of views, so I wanted to consolidate and repost a (slightly modified) version here. 1,460 more words

I'm in a weird place

So, no news from me lately is good news, I suppose. I have had little to report. If that doesn’t make you want to keep reading, I don’t know what will! 613 more words

First hurl

Dear Dou Dou,

While Daddy loves inflight meals, Mummy has always found them smelly and poor in taste. Now with you growing inside me and my senses sharper than usual, the stench of inflight meals is far more unbearable. 132 more words