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First Word (Part 2)

Someone who makes a journey through the deserts of Arabia has to travel in the name of a tribal chief and enter under his protection, for in this way he may be saved from the assaults of bandits and secure his needs. 2,245 more words

First Word

Come on son, I know you can do it!

When you have a child who is seriously struggling you would expect therapists, teachers and support staff to do everything they can to help. You put your faith and trust in them. 677 more words

First Word (Part 1)

NOTE: The passages in bold are from Bediuzzaman’s book and the commentaries below them are my own. This is the first chapter in Bediuzzaman’s book (titled “Words”) and I will be going in order while writing my own commentaries below the passages. 1,394 more words

First Word

First Word

Okay, so this is my first word coming in as a blogger. I haven’t had any experience with blogging before so I’m not really sure where to start… 412 more words


The written word

Did I mention that she can now write her own name?

The feeling of absolute joy I get looking at this is impossible to articulate … not that she has the skill and dexterity to form the letters but my daughter, the little person who wasn’t ever meant to be, my Spaniard, our baby, our remarkable Hope is so proud and sure of who she is (she says her name with such certainty and always pats herself on the chest when she says it … her full name … and where she lives), that the first thing she has written is her name… I told you I couldn’t articulate it! 56 more words