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Hello and a First Word, Maybe

Bean is waving now. When you wave at her, she holds up her hand then very consciously opens and closes the fingers. M is waving, too, or maybe it’s pointing, or a salute. 164 more words

What gathers? People, storms… dust motes. We gather rosebuds (while we may!). Our personal belongings before we de-plane, and leaves in the fall. We gather our thoughts. Maybe a little strength.

Sometimes words just aren't enough.

Rose was never far away. She was my kid sister, just a little over a year younger than I. Growing up, we played together, we read books, we laughed. 199 more words

18 Weeks Old

A monumentous fortnight.
A fortnight of firsts.
A fortnight of mummy gaining some balls.
A bloody good fortnight.

I write this while you’ve fallen asleep in my arms after a particularly exciting yet exhausting week for you. 1,097 more words

New Mum

Jeremiah 17:7-8 and the First Psalm

The Verse of the Day for March 21, 2014 from Jeremiah 17:7-8 in the King James Version echoes the truths expressed in the First Psalm, one of my favorite psalms: 453 more words

Application Of Biblical Principles

Nico's First Word?

Marta has decided that Nico spoke her first word.

The word is Quack
(Cuac in Spanish).

You see we have a book with pictures of animals in it. 315 more words

Child Development

Life With Twins - Week 41

Ok, so I’m wondering if Week 40 got lost in the feed somehow – it didn’t get a single “like” until a couple days ago. I’m not in any way trying to sound conceited or anything, but usually they get a few, so just in case there was some kind of mix up, you can read it… 242 more words