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I am grateful

The other day, I took part, mostly as a privileged listener, in a conversation between two persons. It was not an easy dialogue, the purpose of which was to delineate differences and disagreements with the aim, if possible, of coming to a new and mutually satisfying resolution. 179 more words



Bubba said “Cheese” for the first time today! The last few days he has been saying “Dada,” mostly when prompted and will do a garbled version of “Mama” when prompted. 468 more words

Her first word!


Isla said her first word today!  She’s been saying nononono and mamamamam and dadadada for a while but this morning we were all watching Dora the Explorer and she came out with



Congratulations Emma, you said your first word this week.

What’s that? You detect a little disappointment? Yeah, you’re right. I can’t keep pretending to be excited when frankly, I’m a little confused. 180 more words

10 Most Common Baby First Words

One of the greatest moments as a parent is hearing your child speak for the first time. The reward for hours and hours of pointing to the cat and saying “Kitty,” reading them books about llamas at night, and even accidently saying a swear word; followed by the promise not to do that in front of the kid again.  138 more words