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19-08-14 aka a sorry excuse for a writing post

Today, and every day for the next week, is dedicated to studying for a music history placement exam next week. I’m the queen of over-preparedness. 87 more words


First World Problems For Today


Shake it up – check.

Squeeze it ever so gently. No ketchup.

Squeeze it slightly harder. No ketchup.

Squeeze it slightly harder. No ketchup. 97 more words

In Real Life

On social awkwardness

I’m not usually home when the cleaner comes over, but when I am, I am awkward. It’s because generally she yells at me for stuff I don’t even understand or am not supposed to do (and if it’s not me, she yells at some other housemate). 118 more words


Earth-1 Problems

You’ve heard of first-world problems? Well hold on to your STAR Labs special high-speed red suit, because here comes the newest trend (and you can say you liked it before it was extremely awesome), Earth-1 Problems! 26 more words

Am I Turning Into Carrie Bradshaw?

I know I’ve been going all health foody at the moment, but don’t worry, I’m still shopping. I have an addiction. I have just added two new pairs of shoes to my cupboard. 251 more words

Fashion & Style

Yo, where my Roshes at b?


One of the most hopeless feelings is dealing with the United States Post Office.  This is one of the few bastions of absolute power left in modern American Society.   243 more words


...Don't kill any albatrosses, for cryin' out loud.

I’m aware of the mis-quote of the ol’ ancient mariner, but i figured, more people probably know the expression in its modern form.

I guess you could say i’ve got SEA on the brain!   160 more words