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Through the Looking-Glass of Weird Insecurities

As I leaned at an awkward angle over the bathroom counter, peering into the magnifying mirror (a torturous invention, why do we even have those?) and yanking out rogue eyebrow hairs with a pointy metal tool (hint: tweezers), I wondered why. 540 more words

Collegiate Musings

The Price of Being Cheap

I love books.  LOVE them.  The way they feel, the way they smell, they way the look lined up on book shelves.  I love “meeting” the characters and “seeing” their lives unfold, I love when a book can make me laugh or cry.   686 more words

First World Problems

"Frozen": Not exactly feminist fare

I keep hearing—mostly from news anchors and talk-show hosts—how “Frozen” has many positive messages for young girls, and how groundbreaking it is for a mainstream children’s feature. 451 more words


Big Hero Sex.

Today I watched Big Hero Six with my family. It was a pretty good movie–some parts tugged at my heartstrings, some parts made me laugh out loud. 645 more words

Post 0064: Frustration

So before I get into all of the good stuff that’s happened today, I have to get this frustration off of my chest.

Dear Internet Connection, 1,146 more words

Daily Post

on instagram popularity

so lately something’s been disturbing me a lot and it’s making me feel so so uneasy and i really feel that i have to let it out… 386 more words

Shameless players

You know those people that string you along like you aren’t even a person? I’ve had it happen to me a few times, some people say it’s because i’m too nice and now looking back in hindsight, also a bit naive. 480 more words