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"Thanks." a haiku

When someone replies:
“Thanks” with just a period,
They aren’t thanking you.

- inspired by my boss who does this all the time, thus convincing me that he is in no way thankful and also wishes he has never hired me


This may be a bit of a rant.

Hi. I’ve been pretty quiet lately, huh? At first, I thought it was because I didn’t have an interest in writing anymore. I just couldn’t make myself sit down and tell you about the… 635 more words

Thoughts From Places

Dante's Gap®ferno

Somewhere in The Inferno between the fifth circle of swamp and the six circle of flaming pits there exists a mall.  In that mall there is no Pinkberry.   492 more words

General Ranting

Writing for a living is tough

Because although you don’t want to notice it, you notice it. I’m talking about the random writing idiosyncrasies people have, the grammatical errors, and the people who love to talk IN CAPS LOCK ALL THE TIME. 227 more words

Being the wizard

In total retrospect– or, moreover, in a worldly aspect, my family is not famous. However, when it comes to the rodeo industry, we’re pretty well known… that is, my 2 two sisters and my stepmom are well-known ones. 486 more words

First World Problems...

Ugh. It’s a weird place to be to be desperately in need of a hug and want to visit some old friends – and by ‘old friends’ I mean characters from my latest book – and not being able to because you’re too insecure too read your own writing (and also because they’re obviously fictional. 19 more words



just realized i have a first world problem dilemma. tiff is september 4-14, and i won’t know which movies are playing when until later. but riot fest, a 2 day outdoor music festival, is september 6 & 7. 68 more words