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Fuck...don't panic!

APPARENTLY – we have to get a technician to sort out our WIFI/broadband connection when we move….which means we will be without broad band for a while… 38 more words


Doing the Insurance Dance

Inspired by Mitch over at Enjoying The Ride, here’s my crazy insurance story. Granted, this is a completely “first world problem,” but I was surprised (though maybe I shouldn’t have been?) by the tom-foolery. 592 more words


FWP tag ( First World Problems )

Hey guys its htm and this is the FWP tag!!! πŸ˜„πŸ‘ So im doing the FWP Tag, If you dont know what it is its when I just say First World Problems, Lets Start! 172 more words

Technology Hates Me

I am really pissed off at the moment.

For several reasons:

1. My braillenote has screwed up. A braillenote is a braille computer without a screen, in the simplest words possible. 286 more words

Personal Life

One crazy, two crazy

I thought I had successfully eliminated all the crazies from my Facebook feed by not friending people I don’t know in real life. And since I pride myself on never hanging out with anyone who seems weird in a serial-killer, Westboro Baptist Church, or David Duke-kind of way, I thought I could sit back, relax, and enjoy the cute toddler photos. 482 more words

Life Curiosities

Tomorrow I will

Hubby and I like to joke that our biggest problem, individually and jointly, is the big P.

We even have a song for it, sung to Kool and the Gang’s original. 632 more words



I work in a field where everyday I can look at my life and be extremely grateful for who I am, what I have and who I have in my life. 236 more words