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The Woes of a Leftie

It is safe to say that lefties in general have to adapt to a world made for right-handed people, and in a lot of cases right-handed people don’t realise how much difference it can make. 408 more words

10 First World Problems That Make Me Disproportionately Upset

Everybody has those seemingly tiny or insignificant things that never fail to bring them down every time. They’re like triggers, but on a smaller scale. People usually don’t talk about their baby triggers because they seem petty or it feels like no one else feels the same way or it feels like it’s ungrateful to be upset about problems that don’t even exist in other areas of this country and the world. 287 more words

You don't want a boyfriend or girlfriend: You want a partner

“Boyfriends and girlfriends are easy to come by — everyone seems to have someone, all the time. Find yourself a partner instead — someone who wants to team up with you to take on life itself.” 150 more words


What's the worst part of Heavy Metal........

Alright, now before you all get on my back about things, I’ve never subscribed to music genres. As far as I’m concerned, music falls into two different camps, stuff I like and stuff I don’t like. 1,463 more words


Coffeeshop down

In the interest of reducing our carbon footprint and sleeping in for 15 minutes more every morning, hubby and I have switched up our morning commute.  386 more words

First World Problems

The Final Countdown - 3...

I should really be packing. I could totally do that. I went to fetch boxes today and everything. Turns out I’d much rather talk to faceless people on the internet, and put off packing for another day. 1,311 more words

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