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Pinterest: good for bloggers?

Do you use Pinterest to promote your blog? I haven’t tried it yet but I’m so addicted to Pinterest, I have been thinking I should. The problem is, I’ve got two signs that my addiction to Pinterest is out of control: … 82 more words


Roast chicken on the fire

Please don’t hate me for neglecting this abstract relationship we have formed via interweb forum I like to call Blogland. I know we both need to work on this thing to make it work, but I have been busy. 419 more words


Behind The Stain: What Coffee Stains Say About You

This is a legit analysis, people. There are two kinds of people in this world: those who spill hot beverages on themselves and those who spill them on others. 629 more words

So Much for Happily Ever After

The way I rate entertainment is based on how much I care about the characters. Whether I’m watching a film, series or reading a book, if I care about the characters I will enjoy the reading/watching process. 404 more words

First World Problem: Tax

Last Friday, I was so happy when my manager handed over to me my performance bonus letter – I was delighted because I thought we won’t have one this year, given the fact that the company is not winning new contracts and the main revenue generator – the DTV project rollout – has come to an end already. 162 more words


First World Problems Problems

No it was not a typo. I meant to repeat the damned word. Because I’m going to whine about having first world problems.

I am not sure how many of you are familiar with memes. 718 more words