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That old feeling

This afternoon, I really felt like a drink.

I worked all day for an external company. I felt good because this job occurs every year and lasts for a few weeks. 583 more words


Poetic Princess license

The spider count is now three. Three spiders in my house. I can’t sleep knowing they’re about.

It started with the bathtub spider. He’s dead, but he probably had friends. 215 more words

First World Problems

First World Problems

Sydney traffic is awful. It’s probably no worse than any other major metropolis around the world (Jeremy Clarkson, my original inspiration for this blog once raced a marathon runner in his car over the London Marathon route in average London traffic and the runner beat him by 7 minutes) but, for some reason, just even a… 880 more words


Psycho-babble, I hate it. Don’t be offended, I have half a dozen of these ailments myself, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Attention Deficit Disorder with or without Hyperactivity, Depression, Anxiety, Social Anxiety Disorder, Bladder Control Disorder….wait, what? 403 more words

Five Tips on Doing Things

So recently I have been getting much, much better at getting organised and getting stuff done and, very surprisingly for me, not procrastinating!

This obviously contradicts the name of my blog but trust me I still procrastinate (if you read my previous post ‘The Art of Procrastination’ you will understand) and I’ll still be a teen for quite a while so the title is still relevant to me. 588 more words

About Me

TIA The Bored Medic: No Running Water Day 6.

This job I am on has been nothing but bullshit since day 1.

I was called to this job with not even 24 hours notice. I left my home near Edmonton at 5:45am and arrived on site at 3:00pm that day. 353 more words

T.I.A: The Bored Medic