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I look at the sky
Power lines make music staves
Random stars make notes

Mind And Soul

Why Living In The First-World Should Impress You

Clean, Running Water:- 

You can walk into any commercial eatery, anywhere on the street and you can demand a tap water, fo’ free! Despite the necessity of clean running water to all life on earth, ordering it during the course of a meal, will actually make you look cheap, not to mention subtly annoy the person who is wasting their time getting you something that you could have got out of a cloud.  372 more words

Climate change is still a first world problem

On Sunday, Sept. 21, a reported 310,000 people marched in New York City ahead of the United Nations Climate Summit. It was the biggest climate change event ever organized and certainly helped to dispel the myth that “ 281 more words

Stupid Things That Drive Us Crazy

When you’re drinking coffee and some spills out and sits on the lid and gets all cold and you don’t want to slurp it off cause that’s obnoxious but how can you just leave it there? 340 more words

FLOW: Response

Hello again! Today I’m going to be talking about the movie FLOW and the associated problems with water control and distribution in the world.

The film, FLOW: For Love of Water, is a documentary that discussed water, water in poorer countries and areas and the privatization of water in the US and other countries abroad. 312 more words

AP Biology

Another List of Things I Just Can't With

For reasons I would much rather not discuss, I have had some severe writers block… actually, let’s umbrella that to “life block”. But, I’m tired of it, and it’s desperately time I get myself out of my “Netflix-coma” ( I can’t even express to you properly how many terrible movies I have watched on both iTunes and netflix lately) 857 more words


Missions Spotlight: First World Missions


Even just the mention of that word draws up images of red dirt, water wells and orphaned children everywhere.  The vivid landscapes of third world countries marked by trash dumps, malnutrition, and decorated with religious idols to false gods.  1,216 more words