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First world toddler problems #1

Tonight’s first world toddler problems include being given a banana that had already been peeled and not being able to wear his new Mickey Mouse underwear until it’s been through the wash. 7 more words


Expedition R - Day 8 - Closeout

We’ve been in the go since about 7 a.m. Roatan time, or about 9 eastern.  Two hours getting through Roatan airport security (which included X-rays for all our baggage, standard asshole metal detectors, and a super-invasive open-bag search right before we boarded the plane), almost three hourson the plane, a three-hour layover in Houston, and now three hours to Baltimore, Figure an hour to pick up bags and get to the car, half an hour home, and then sleep.  506 more words


Why Are Third World Countries So Polluted?

Globalization Links Commodity Imports With Pollution Exports

Toy imports by country; reflective of disposable income. Size depicts quantity of imports.
Source: worldmapper.org

Over the past several decades the United States has generally enjoyed increasingly clean water and air, a reduction in species extinction rates, and increased forest cover due to reduced logging. 322 more words

News And Analysis

Source: http://9gag.com/gag/abqzNwb

I look at the sky
Power lines make music staves
Random stars make notes

Mind And Soul

Climate change is still a first world problem

On Sunday, Sept. 21, a reported 310,000 people marched in New York City ahead of the United Nations Climate Summit. It was the biggest climate change event ever organized and certainly helped to dispel the myth that “ 281 more words

Stupid Things That Drive Us Crazy

When you’re drinking coffee and some spills out and sits on the lid and gets all cold and you don’t want to slurp it off cause that’s obnoxious but how can you just leave it there? 340 more words