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Its all make belive

its all make believe.

all of it. life. the one I lead, the one you lead.

Bare with me while I get into this. I would like to direct you to two things on you tube 1) Mr Wendell by Arrested Development and 2) doco about the Zoe tribe. 371 more words

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ELFing could make a difference around the world

I really think bringing ELF’s to other countries would be a benefit.  The ELF’s are created  locally so they would bring jobs, they are all much cheaper then cars, and since they don’t take gas and can run on solar, there wouldn’t be the concern of additional fuel costs. 67 more words

Misc Musings On All Things Elf

I’m sitting here after a week of thunderstorms and intermittent rain, enjoying a cool breeze coming through the door next to me, and watching a program on… 310 more words

Why Capitalism is NOT as bad as it seems.

So… For my first official blog post (woohoo!) I’d like to talk about why Capitalism is Definitely NOT the source of all evil, tears, or mistreatment of others. 705 more words


... expats of a broken home ...

… No more how much ppl tell us otherwise we know it’s our fault … we divorced our parents, we broke our home …

… we divorced love with security … 95 more words

Just Sayin' - Double standards for animals

The Western countries have no problem with the horrendous condition in their slaughterhouses (the name says it all…); the Western states have no problem setting up official culls of badgers, all types of birds, squirrels, foxes, hedgehogs, wolves, bears…because they are seen as pest; their ministers for Health have no problem whatsoever defending the industry when it comes to using live animals as disposable objects for tests and experiences. 88 more words

Just Sayin' Monday