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GapMinder.org: Data comparisons between the "developed" and "developing" countries

I discovered the GapMinder.org through TED.

This projects analyzes the actual global patterns and trends worldwide, debunking many “Western” misconceptions.

If you play around with the data, you will begin to understand that many of the “facts” regarding the “developed” vs. 108 more words



sound of heat
lawn mower macerates


thoughts on canned foods

The other day, one of our friends was in our house and picked up a can of Spam type stuff. He was amazed by the technology that could create such a thing. 186 more words


First World Problems...

I have noticed that society can easily be depressed and sad but for them to feel happy and cheerful it is near impossible. We easily find reasons to be gloomy but find it damn near impossible to discover reasons to smile. 472 more words

Be Grateful

1st World Grandma Problems!


My beloved Grandmother called me on Friday to do which of the following…

A. Say “Hi!” or “I love you!”
B. Talk about curtains and other… 105 more words


The Real First World Problem

Living in the first world, we often don’t realize how privileged we are. We take everything for granted. Everything. Not just the obvious things like cars, cell phones, computers, the internet… but public goods like clean air, potable water, and even toilet paper. 902 more words

First world problems

“That’s such a first world problem” she said to her friend.

First world problem is a term that become popular among teens in 2014. Urban dictionary defines a first world problem as, “Problems from living in a wealthy, industrialized nation that third worlders would probably roll their eyes at.” An example of a First world problem would be someone saying something like, “Ughhh, my Mercerdes is in the shop, I guess I will have to drive my old BMW to pilates class.” and their friend may respond by saying….”That’s such a first world problem”. 223 more words