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We recently took a short trip to the Dominican Republic in an effort to become personally familiar with the area and culture where we want to build the orphanage.  4,063 more words

Life Unplugged

About a month ago, I had a mishap with my laptop and was unplugged for almost a week. My old trusty MacBook Pro is on its last legs. 903 more words


Converting Dreams

Any new arrival would be
amazed with how the
first world
changed the way their loved
ones talk, not just the language,
but the emphasis on words… 232 more words


Bungle in the Jungle

Life is confusing.
Like so confusing that my head can constantly hurt all the time and my heart can pound at 200 mph just thinking about it unless I do things like breathe and talk and laugh and read and train and yoga and meditate. 411 more words


I just left work for the day and I’m sitting on the train going home. I look up from my book and gaze out the window as we pull up to central station. 167 more words

(My) Self

First World Problems

Sir, you want drink?
Sir, you want try?
M’am, you see! So nice, M’am!
M’am, this special price!

It’s all around us,
We only have to stop long enough to look. 233 more words