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Why we should rush into a relationship

Sadly, relationships are not like business proposals which we can apply cost benefit analysis.

Someone asked me to write more about the girl I was discussing in my previous article, Doubts.

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First. 💙


We all have that first time.

As for me, this serves as my very first blog entry ever. I really don’t have an idea right now on what I should write. 57 more words


Winter Solstice

Whether your in the Northern or the Southern Hemisphere, the December Solstice is an event turning the seasonal tables. Here in the Pacific Northwest, December 21st marks the first day of Winter and the beginning of longer days to come. 679 more words


I Am A Writer

I am a writer.

I am a writer.

Maybe if I say it a few more times, someone will believe me. Family, friends, random stranger. Please, believe me. 489 more words


December Diamante

I know it seems like this is all I’ve been doing these last few posts, but it keeps me busy. Staying out in the country where I am it’s difficult to find some space where I can just ‘be’ and sort through my thoughts, forming them into coherent stories, without, you know, starting to become melodramatic. 101 more words


My First Love

Okay so I lied, my first official post will be now. Like I said before, I have been in love. And it was not the cutesy love either, I fell….hard. 669 more words


Refurbished L.A. Forum Off to Strong Start in First Year Back in Action

The refurbished 18,000-seat Los Angeles Forum has yet to celebrate its first full year of operation, but it already is having an impact on Southern California’s live entertainment scene. 471 more words