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cuts in HUD programs

Due to cuts in other HUD programs, there will be reduced efforts to minimize children’s exposure to lead in older units, and decreased production of new affordable housing for low-income seniors and people with disabilities.



Low Income housing programs will be hit particularly hard

Republican and Democratic lawmakers largely resigned themselves to allowing sequestration — a policy meant to force them to the negotiating table, not to actually reduce the deficit…


Budget Cuts

this is about unemployment and housing costs

Roman does see a solution. “I think that investment in prevention, particularly in rehousing, which is relatively inexpensive, needs to be a regular practice,” Roman said. 11 more words

Food Stamps

Section 8 voucher program has been around for nearly 40 years

“These kinds of cuts are really unprecedented,” Rice told me. “The Section 8 voucher program has been around for nearly 40 years—it was created during the Nixon Administration and has had strong, bipartisan support for its entire history. 28 more words


TAX fiscal cliff

Our research on SA’s fiscal position, published in the Tydskrif vir Geesteswetenskappe, indicates that SA is heading for a fiscal cliff if the present trends in social assistance expenditure and the growth rate in public service remuneration continue. 112 more words

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economic indicators that cause homelessness

“We looked at economic indicators that cause homelessness, and those are getting worse,” she elaborated. “Since the stimulus money is running out, there are reductions that may lead to decreases in the homeless prevention system. 14 more words

Budget Cuts

Plenty not to like about the transportation bill

Now that that’s dead, the agency plans to go about systematically cutting up to 17 percent of its service hours over the next two years. Just think about that. 7 more words