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Kansas’ Ruinous Tax Cuts

By the Editors of The New York Times

There was a windstorm of hasty excuses in recent weeks after Kansas reported that it took in $338 million less than expected in the 2014 fiscal year and would have to dip heavily into a reserve fund.

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RMC Responds: The Real Costs of Hobby Lobby

Following the Supreme Court’s ruling in favor of Hobby Lobby, which RMC explains in a recent blog could have a broader impact on insurance coverage for all forms of birth control, some of RMC’s Facebook commenters have stated their support for the Hobby Lobby ruling is mainly based on opposition to the federal government using taxpayer dollars to pay for birth control. 480 more words

Rick Perry's Chicago Tribune Op-Ed: Why Illinois fails and Texas thrives

Yesterday was a productive day for Texas Governor, Rick Perry. Not only did he meet with the President to discuss the recent border crisis, he also had this op-ed published in the Chicago Tribune espousing the virtues of fiscal conservatism. 785 more words


"Benghazi, The Cost Of An Obsession": A Farcical Waste Of Time And Money

The furious, year-and-a-half-old effort to turn the deadly Benghazi attack into a Watergate-level scandal has so far failed. Naturally that hasn’t stopped Republicans from howling at hearings and turning over seat cushions in search of evidence. 252 more words


So does this mean conservatism in Ontario is dead?

Short answer is no. But a certain type of conservatism certainly died with this election — namely fiscal conservatism. Unless Premier Wynne decides to back track on her campaign commitments, the idea that the state should live within its means and should balance its budget is now certainly out of fashion in Ontario, and the consequences will be felt almost immediately and will reverberate for years to come. 56 more words

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