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Fish Ball Udon Noodle Soup (魚蛋烏冬)

I make noodle soup quite often for lunch on weekends. It’s quick and easy so that we can move on and do other fun things! For presentation sake, I put these noodles in my new fancy bowl, but to be honest, I usually use a big Pyrex glass mixing bowl so that I can fit everything along with tons of soup to slurp up the noodles with. 198 more words


Tamsui/Danshui/淡水 Part 2: Food, Tamsui Old Street

The most exciting part of travelling is… the food of course! Like any other place in Taiwan, wherever you go, there will be a lot of local specialities around.. 135 more words


港式炆蘿蔔豬皮魚蛋 Hong Kong- Style Braised Radish Pigskin and Fishballs


製作時間Cooking Time: 30 mins

份量 Serving: 4


白蘿蔔    600克

豬皮       200克

魚蛋       300克


老抽      2湯匙

生抽      1湯匙

蠔油       1湯匙

糖          1 茶匙 112 more words

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