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Light Bulb Crafts

When looking up crafts that involve recycling or are more environmentally friendly compared to other crafts, I stumbled across some awesome crafts ideas! The one I have decided to do is light bulb crafts. 354 more words


A fishy dream...

Dear Tuppence

I am a student in my early twenties.I  dreamed I owned a fish bowl. It was very small and I had five fish cramped inside. 100 more words

Stress Dream

out of the water.

I recently redecorated my room.

(I know, that really probably doesn’t mean anything to you. It gets better, I promise!)

One of the things I got was a picture to hang on my wall. 463 more words


Succulant Terrarium DIY

I went to a greenhouse last weekend and saw tons of succulents; it brought me back to California since they are pretty much a staple in all SoCal landscapes.   330 more words


Is your bowl glass or plastic?

When I was at Petco shopping for my fish’s bowl that he would live in, I found that they had two types of bowls, plastic and glass. 1,166 more words

Anonymous Blogger

Why a Fish Bowl?

I’ve been thinking about starting a blog for a while now. I had all these experiences and all these thoughts, that I wanted to write down for people to see. 573 more words

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The Basking Spot: Better than Basic - Betta Bowl Enrichment - June, 2013

by Jennifer Greene

Now, I know bettas aren’t really reptiles, but we carry them as well as tons of items for their care.  They’re a popular “desk pet”, and they are very low maintenance fish that many people find easy and rewarding to keep.  1,007 more words

Care Sheets