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Fish & Chips VS Fish & Chips

For a good friday meal, Fish & chips has always been a long running tradition in my family. So with easter on the way I thought Fish & Chips was definitely a good choice for recipe of the day. 741 more words


Wednesday Fish & Chips

Mum fried some fish fillets after she dusted them in flour with pre-cut chips for dinner tonight and you had the option of having salad with it, l decided on simple meal of Fish & Chips on the plate and afterwards made a salad roll to eat, a two course meal.

Eating In

Feeding Kinghorn 6 ways a week

Menu design for Kinghorn Chipshop – opening first week in May 2014. Hallelujah!

Design For Print

One Ugly Snack

Of all the fish to put on a bag of fish flavored chips – why the one that looks like a shaved dog with an eye fried out of its socket? 60 more words

Friday Flake & Potato Cakes

Mum being old school Roman Catholic is into not eating meat during Lent, so on the way from her carpet bowls session this morning and some more shopping, we stopped off at the Melrose Drive Fish & Chip Shop on the recommendation of her friend as being good. 161 more words

Eating In

class of March 3, 2014 - translation and role play


Fish and Chips

WC nannte das frittierte britische Gericht, bestehend aus weißem Fisch in einem knusprigen, goldenen Teigmantel und knusprigen Kartoffelscheiben „die guten Begleiter. In der Tat sind „Fisch und Chips “ nicht gänzlich eine … (FRAGMENT) – fragt ggf. 453 more words

Oh I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside

Because it’s Mother’s Day and because my sister has returned from University, we went to the seaside today. It was cold, it was windy and pretty much the complete opposite of the picture below. 64 more words