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Catch and release is a practice within recreational angling intended as a act of conservation. After a fish is caught it is unhooked and returned to the water before exhaustion or serious injury.   1,367 more words

Fishing TIPS

The biggest catch of all

Dear Evan and Lulu,

I’ve felt extremely scrutinized this last week. I’m reminded that it is often times easier to keep your mouth shut, and say nothing at all.  1,194 more words

Fish hook

The ferocactus, also named fish hook cactus originates from Mexico. This specie has pink flowers which is seemingly fairly rare. Usually ferocacti have red/orange flowers.


Fishing Hook Dog

It’s amazing how driving by certain places can bring out the stories Charles can otherwise not remember. Like the day he pointed to a white shuttered house set back behind large pecan trees and said, “That’s where I had to come that Sunday we were all at Revonda’s for Mother’s Day. 605 more words

Old switcheroo

I don’t remember when or where I got theese earrings.

I like the charm but don’t really care for that style earring hook. The good thing is I usually have spare hooks. 27 more words