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Dha fish oil lacks in people with anxiety

Dha fish oil, or the omega 3 oil Docosahexaenoic acid is a 22 strand carbon long efa. Prevalent in seafood, grass fed beef stock also in supplement form. 660 more words

Nine reasons why I tell my patients to throw away their over-the-counter pharmacy store multivitamin

  1. B-Vitamins: B-vitamins are supposed to give you energy, right? And they do – the real ones. All vitamins are actually vitamin complexes, meaning, a vitamin is paired with specific enzymes, to form a complex that fuels all kinds of essential metabolic responses in the body.
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Fish oils in RA: Should We Start Prescribing?

My appreciation of fish oils (FO) has been limited to its use in treating dyslipidemia. While effective in improving hypertriglyceridemia, recent evidence suggests that it does not significantly impact on actual CV outcomes. 822 more words


How to choose an Omega 3 fish oil

Most people are aware of Omega 3 Fish Oils and their health benefits; heart health, memory, mood, and in reducing inflammation. But when it comes to choosing one people can get confused. 327 more words