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Catwoman loves my hair

You know that old saying, “This is why we can’t have nice things”? Well, my husband and I are the poster children for the phrase “This is why we can’t do nice things.” 940 more words


Day 964 - Street Fishing

My brother Jeff and I have come to London to visit my older brother and we got to do a spot of street fishing, courtesy of Orvis. 6 more words

Amateur Photography


Tomorrow marks our one-year Sterlingiversary, which means one year ago at this very moment we were sitting in our home in Kansas City surrounded by boxes, snuggling three week-old twins and completely overwhelmed. 748 more words

The Grief Garden


During the months that my stepson Ryan lived with us last year, he borrowed some books from our guest room bookshelf. He especially liked one called Native American Wisdom. 1,035 more words

YO VIDEO- Tuna, it's what's for dinner..

BBC Earth takes us on another incredible journey into the world of commercial Tuna fishing. How do you catch your TUNA??


NASA's New Horizon Spacecraft Gives Earth the Latest View of Pluto

Beyond the rocky planets of our inner solar system and the gaseous giants of its outer reaches, lies the Kuiper Belt, a massive and unexplored area of space littered with chunks of rock, metal, and frozen volatiles of methane, ammonia, and water. 285 more words

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