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Fish in the water

Cliche? yes. Proverbial? duh. Relatable? always. Am i  diving in or just getting my feet wet? Im not naturally an impulsive person so making  rash decisions doesn’t only not sit well with me it also backfires, because well, i know better and the universe knows better and the universe knows i know better. 223 more words


Futile Struggles of a Self-Aware Parasite.

I began focusing on examining myself again when I realized I was getting too wrapped up in examining the outside world, being too critical of everything outside of myself and not enough within. 201 more words

Fish out of water review

1.99, iOS

Throw your way to victory in this simple yet addictive game.

With amazing graphics and easy to use controls this game is perfect for a new or young gamer. 264 more words

Do You Ever Ponder Wat its All About?

Life is so up and down-a roller coaster, only in the real world its not usually fun. You work so hard, try to achieve things to make life interesting, yet when you get there, it doesn’t quite work out the way you had hoped. 137 more words

Princess Diaries is your classic fish out of water story.  Mia Thermopolis, flat chested sophomore giantess, is just coming to terms with her bohemian artist mother dating her Maths teacher.  386 more words

Review From Miss Wain

Watercolor Sketches

Having a blast with watercolor!

No Fauna, The Three Graces, Fish Out of Water

each 7.5 x 6 inches, watercolor on hand-made paper

Works On Paper