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Now I know that the term “fish out of water” has been used millions of times in stories such as these. It’s so cliché, but imagine, if you will, a fish with meticulously curled hair, a custom made wool hair piece, a green peacoat, and leather knee high boots trekking up a mountain in the rain and you may have a better notion of what that term really means. 556 more words

Books and Reading Thursday: Books on my Bookshelf

(Books on my Bookshelf is not a review, just my personal thoughts, feelings, and memories on the books I own).

Another book for this series :D… 605 more words

Creative Writing


I have decided

Only the deepest love

Will induce me now

Will fill my senses

Will make me bow


I will no longer shed tears… 118 more words

Fish Out Of Water


directed by Allan Arkush

Heartbeeps is a 1981 sci-fi comedy, directed by the director of Rock ‘n’ Roll High School and Deathsport, Allan Arkush, who later went on to direct Caddyshack II and a host of TV episodes and TV movies. 755 more words


Headbangers Ball

I do not belong here. That is abundantly clear.

My first sign, as I stand, shifting from foot to foot on this cold December night, is the extended line of long-haired, black-leather-jacketed guys standing in a line outside of the doors. 1,206 more words

Random Encounter Monday No. 5 - The Till Monkey

It was a typical April day in Devon. The sky was a pallid grey and the smattering and continuous drizzle coated everything in a sheen of dreary water. 402 more words


Fish out of water................

Sometimes feeling like a bit of a fish out of water is a good thing.  Sometimes coming out of your comfort zone brings out the best in you, or proves that you CAN do it.  259 more words