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Go Further Friday Fish Pie

Fish pie is one of those nursery favourites that I at least, have never seemed to grow out of. That’s not necessarily a bad thing though, as we all should be getting more fish of all types into our diets and this old children’s supper is as good a way as any to start. 770 more words


Classic Fish Pie

It seems that in the last week the thermometer has plummeted. We were said to have had the warmest halloween ever and yet this week has seen me lusting after winter coats online as frost and fog has suddenly set in. 396 more words


The Hinds Head - Bray

This is Heston’s pub which is situated next to the famous Fat Duck, although much healthier for your wallet. The pub is old fashioned with wooden beams and low ceiling, dating around 18th century I would imagine if not later. 665 more words


Fish Pie.

There is nothing nicer than enjoying a good Fish Pie on a cold, miserable day. This is a simple, yet hearty, dish that’s guaranteed to leave you and the family feeling warm and content on even the coldest winters night. 393 more words


Wartime rations - Day 24

War time meals, in this experiment at least, seem to involve eating a lot of leftovers. I had baked fish yesterday, so tonight made fish pie with the leftover fish and cheese sauce, topped with mashed potato and a little grated cheese, then cooked in the oven at around 180C for about 20 minutes. 328 more words


Creamy Fish Pie - Taken from Busy Mum's Plan-ahead Cookbook

Creamy Fish Pie

This recipe is taken from my latest book “The Busy Mum’s Plan-ahead Cookbook”.  It has received some great reviews, and one lovely lady on a blog said this was the best fish pie even better than Jamie Oliver’s so I hope you enjoy it too. 369 more words


Fish Pie for Supper

Armed with cod, salmon, prawns, a monkfish tail, a nice piece of smoked haddock that I’d been saving in the freezer for just this purpose (as rare as hens teeth in these parts of France) I felt that it was time for fish pie. 166 more words