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Monthly Recipe: Spicy Soy Sauce Fish Pie

Kikkoman, the soy sauce makers, are currently running a ‘Kikkoman Best Blogger Recipe Competition’ and I thought it would be a bit of fun to enter. 424 more words


Fantastic Fish Pie

So this is number 3 in my pie series and I’ve moved onto fish this time – now I’ll be right upfront and honest and tell you Fish Pie is not a huge feature on my menu..simply because I’m a lazy bugger when it comes to comfort food like pies and I rarely stray from the path. 286 more words

Fish And Shell

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[caption id="attachment_2041" align="alignnone" width="2306"]Fish Pie with Mash Autumnal Fish Pie[/caption] So I just got back from Lisbon and it is currently wet and windy in Dublin which got me to thinking about Pie (again) in this case Fish Pie (well I have been downing Salt Cod all week - why stop! So this is a re-post from a few months back, part of a pie series. I'm off now to make this again :)

Fish Pie Night

Tonight I decided to make something different. On the train home, I Googled ‘Quick nutritious family dinner’ and, after a few clicks, Jamie Olivers’ fish pie caught my eye.   526 more words

4 Year Old

Fish Pie*

Another delicious, homely meal. This can be made using whatever fish you prefer, why not try adding raw king prawns and squid for that extra treat? 315 more words

Comfort Food

of fish pie and Cambodia

Goose is off to Cambodia on Monday for a little over two weeks. Its a holiday she’s been looking forward to for some time and she’s going with a good friend. 379 more words

Easy Peasy Fish Pie

 Between me and my sister she definitely got all the baking genes. I couldn’t even tell you the basic ingredients for making a cake! (Yes I really am that bad). 340 more words


Simple Fish Pie

You are spoilt for choice if you look for a fish pie recipe but I often find they involve too much work, too much cost or just ingredients I would have to make a special effort to have (am I really as lazy as I sound?!).   458 more words