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Day 5: tasty fish

So Mondays are never good cooking days for me. I generally find Mondays a challenge full stop, let alone putting extra effort into cooking dinner and I knew that I needed something reasonably simple for tonight’s dinner. 212 more words

How to save on Salmon! (+ awesome recipe)

Here is what bothers me with our country. “Healthy food is expensive.” False. How much money did you spend at Starbucks this morning? Here’s a recipe that will cost you $3 and is so much healthier than something at McDonald’s for the same amount of money. 432 more words

The Coriander and The Fish

There’s something refreshing, pure and yet innocently seductive about the coriander when I think about the herb. What you might ask is pure and innocent about it? 787 more words

Food Stories

John's Red Snapper with Lemon Butter Wine Drizzle

Dear friends,

As a child I was never a big fan of fish. I wouldn’t touch salmon. I would usually only eat pan fried trout or pike that my dad filleted and fried fresh (because this was the best fish could be), or those terrible Captain Something fish sticks that my Nana would serve on Christmas eve as the meat alternative (because they didn’t taste like fish!) 459 more words


A fishy request...

So, as we have established, I like to eat, but one must be remember that in the enjoyment of eating that one can easily end up resembling a small to medium-sized African nation. 581 more words

Cajun spiced fish

Cajun fish from Southern states of USA 


Cajun fish


200 grams of any white fish; Hake, Haddock, Plaice, Cod, Pollock per person

1/4 teaspoon of cajun spice per portion… 71 more words

Food Diet Restrictions

Two Episodes in Italy!

Man, this summer went by SO FAST! I apologize for not updating much. First I was in Europe for a month, then Connecticut, New Jersey, Canada and San Diego!! 528 more words