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Ampalaya Guisado (Sautéed Bitter-gourd)

My daughter commented against my lack of enthusiasm in the kitchen nowadays, and whenever she gets disappointed at the readily cooked food I buy for them, she’d reminisce those times when I’d do the cooking for them when they were small kids. 270 more words


2697 to Go! 10 Sesame Chicken Wings from Bistro B

Yesterday I wasn’t feeling too well, so I came home from work to relax. I decided Vietnamese pho and spring rolls sounded perfect. I looked up Bistro B’s menu and low and behold, they had wings. 240 more words


Singing with Singha

My husband’s favorite ethnic food is Thai. Yes. I said Thai. Not Greek. Not Irish. No ethnicity connection whatsoever. But this man LOVES Thai food. So about 17 years ago I decided it was something I needed to study. 147 more words

Great Food

Tuesday 04 of 52, Series 2015: Beef Caldereta

Going to culinary school, I didn’t get to do a lot of Filipino dishes. Most of the time, we were given French recipes to do during lab. 369 more words


Beef curry

That’s one of the “dry” curries. It’s cooked without coconut milk, one of the ingredients most people associate with Thai curries.

Thinly sliced beef with sugar peas, mixed bell peppers and mushrooms fried with red chili paste and plenty of red chilis and seasoned with fish sauce and palm sugar.

Served with basmati rice.


Fast food and a thai inspired chicken curry

Hubby is away travelling and I’ve been handling all the errands this week. The result is I’ve been ordering in for dinner :-(
While I do actually enjoy fast food, it’s heavy and it’s a drain on the wallet too. 316 more words