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memory # 6: Little River Monsters

The silty silky feel of the riverbed oozing between my toes is still vivid, the stones and pebbles sharp and slick, the bracing cold of the current rushing against you, even the occasional bump of a swimming fish.  266 more words

Wednesday Fish & Chips

Mum fried some fish fillets after she dusted them in flour with pre-cut chips for dinner tonight and you had the option of having salad with it, l decided on simple meal of Fish & Chips on the plate and afterwards made a salad roll to eat, a two course meal.

Eating In

Fearless teenage fish don’t run from climate change, death

When we were teens, we rebelled by stealing printer paper from the school library and staying out 15 minutes past curfew. Damselfish, however, really take that burn-the-world attitude to the next level. 421 more words

Climate & Energy

I Can Show You The World

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I thought it might be a good idea to start a collection of goby pics. I didn’t take enough last time I was out in the field so stay tuned for the remaining species. 451 more words

Robo Fish: Green Electronic 3-Inch Shark

Small, intelligent and packed with the latest technology, the super cool techno-toy Rob Fish replicates the natural movement of fish and sharks. Watch as the water activated lifelike robotic fish and sharks swim in five different directions; up, down, left, right and forwards. 30 more words