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tuna and mango ceviche {ffwd}

On first glance, ceviche, the Latin American cured fish salad and this week’s selection for French Fridays with Dorie, doesn’t seem very French. Dorie explains that this dish inspired by the cuisine of Senegal, who exports avocados and mangoes. 289 more words

French Fridays With Dorie

Rustic Pepper Potato Salad with Honey Tomato Shrimp

Lately, I can’t get enough of the potato and pepper combination. Probably has to do with the Hungarian side of my genetics. Peppers, or the dried version paprika, pairs with potatoes in many different ways. 672 more words


Thursday 18th, while Scotland voted Yes or No on Independence, we drove to Perth to do a bit of shopping. It was raining and miserable, so we stopped at a Tesco supermarket, did our shopping and drove on, not getting a look at the town I imagine gave it’s name to the city of Perth in Western Australia. 832 more words