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Physiological impacts of elevated carbon dioxide and ocean acidification on fish

Most fish studied to date efficiently compensate for a hypercapnic acid-base disturbance; however, many recent studies examining the effects of ocean acidification on fish have documented impacts at CO2 levels predicted to occur before the end of this century. 243 more words


Notes & Dreams

30 August-2 September 2014

Dear Max,

The Saturday before Labor Day: “Not to tomorrow, but the day after that, not that day, but the day…wait…not tomorrow but the day… 263 more words


Lunch By The Sea ~ Croatia

On a long day’s tour through the Istrian Peninsula of western Croatia, we stopped in for lunch after a swim in the cool, emerald waters of the Adriatic. 112 more words


Baked Salmon with Creamy Lemon Dill Zucchini Pasta

Had to give my veggie spiraler another test run, plus I’m all about healthy low carb meals this week after much indulgence on our holiday in Queenstown. 341 more words


Figs and Omnivorous Dining - A snack (Figs Wrapped in Prosciutto) and a main (Whole Fish Stuffed with Figs)

I just love these figs!  The fresher, the better!  Before fig season leaves us in the dust, I figure I better post these two!

For our snack, we have figs wrapped with prosciutto.   428 more words



New addition to the cichlid tank today- an 8cm long pictus catfish, and one of the nicest specimens Corey or I have ever seen (we’ve seen a looooooot of fish). 139 more words

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