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I am Not OK

I am not ok. I was not ok yesterday. This morning, I can not stop crying. My fish did die during the night but I think that in only part of the reason why I am so upset. 44 more words

Why Ken Betwa EIA by AFCL is unacceptable

The Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) of Ken Betwa Riverlink project used for the public hearing to be held on Dec 23 (Silon village in Chhatarpur district) and Dec 27 (Hinouta village in Panna district), 2014 in Madhya Pradesh is, as can be seen from the details below, unscientific, incomplete, inadequate, biased, inconsistent (self contradictory), callous, making unwarranted conclusions/ assumptions, it accepts government claims uncrtically and is generally shoddy piece of work. 4,400 more words

Environment Impact Assessment