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Gull Landing, Pentwater

So imagine having a really good fish dinner. Now, take away the “good”. You just have fish, and that is the best I can say about the food at… 330 more words


Cat and Fish bento

This week is a short week due to the public holiday on Monday, yet I am counting the days til the weekend is here again. Feeling lazy today and made a simple cat bento. 42 more words

The right thing.

You know that whole. Teaching someone how to fish and they’ll know how to fish

I did that three times today, and they were all like, thanks man. 59 more words


I honestly can’t believe how muchI love magic the gathering. My deck is blue, full of siren like creatures and ocean creatures. I am a mermaid longing to return home. Wow, back story much? XD

Left here without comment

Ok, I can’t. I can’t just not comment. LOOK AT THEM! These, THESE are wheat-free bread rolls. Apparently. My colleagues were forgiven for thinking I’d encouraged a family pet to leave a message on my desk but no. 405 more words

Getting Back into Fish Keeping #3: Found an Aquarium!

So, I ended up getting the last 90 gallon set up that I mentioned.

The add said 90 gallon tank, black stand, black canopy, and glass tops which is what I was looking for at a bare minimum. 305 more words