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The Fisher King

I recently watched my favorite Robin Williams’ film, The Fisher King.  Watching it, I am reminded of the fluidity of meaning in film, not just as cultural mythologies change, but as the literal histories involved with the film change too.  73 more words


Hollywood Triumphant....The Natural

If you are a person who can’t stand unimaginative show-offs declaring “The Book was Better!” as they exit a movie theatre, then Bernard’s Malamud’s The Natural is the book for you…to hit them over the head with. 260 more words

O Captain! My Captain! Remembering Robin Williams

Like many people around the world, I grew up watching Robin Williams. I watched him go from Mork on Happy Days to becoming an Oscar winner. 1,429 more words


Facing the Red Knight: On Robin Williams

What saddens me most about Robin Williams’ suicide is that deep down, I am not that surprised. Shocked? Yes. But not surprised.

Recently I read Nancy Andreasen’s article in The Atlantic titled ‘Secrets of the Creative Brain.’ She explores the traits of genius and creative people, trying to find what artists, writers, and renowned scientists and others have in common. 1,233 more words

With the Fisher King

I brought my broken heart hidden in a chest. Not my ribs, but metal, locked firm to hide away the shame of it. For fear of how my shattered centre would seem to others. 191 more words


Recommended Reading: Pappademas Remembers Robin Williams

“He was an addict and an alcoholic as well as a comedian, and you don’t find a lot of un-needy people in the sweet spot of that Venn diagram.”     – Alex Pappademas, writing for Grantland… 121 more words