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Last Call

Tim Powers
William Morrow Paperbacks, 1993 (reprinted 2013).

“If the drink in your glass starts to sit at an angle that ain’t quite level, or if the cigarette smoke starts to crowd in over the cards and fall there, or if plants in the room suddenly start to wilt, or if the air is suddenly dry and hot in your throat, smelling like sun-hot rock, fold out.

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Promethean Present

Here, burning life’s blister unbound in view
beyond the watershed of weeping. Guess:
yes, your heart does what it must and will do
little else in this mortal game of chess… 72 more words


The Story Behind Chiron

Each planet in astrology represents an archetype. These can manifest in a variety of ways: positive or negative, internal or external, individual or collective, and often on many levels at once. 345 more words