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Abstract lilies

Hello. I present to You my newest macro of these fascinating lilies with flowers facing down. Enjoy.


Random photo for 07/26/2014

Today’s photo is from Paris off the Champs-Elysee.  We used a double-decker tour bus to see the sights and while waiting for the bus to pick us up we found this fountain and flowers.  24 more words


Water curtains. Toruń/Poland.

Hello :). There’s nothing like a water curtain in the hot summer day. And for photographers eye there’s nothing better than combination of kids playing, sun and water don’t You think :). 7 more words


Photographers reflection

I just love reflections, it’s just like looking into another dimension don’t You think? :) This one was taken in cetre of Poznań/Poland at the newly opened museum called Brama Poznania/The gate of Poznan. Enjoy.