Image of the Day: 31/7/14

(Photo Credit: Reid Wiseman/NASA)

Expedition 40 Flight Engineer Reid Wiseman took this beautiful night-time picture of Taiwan and amazingly, from the International Space Station’s low-Earth orbit, he was able to capture lights from hundreds of fishing boats travelling in the East China Sea.


A port of stilt fishing

Near Lisbon, about one and half hour by car, there are some beaches where you can still have some peace and quiet, namely Comporta, Carvalhal and Pego. 174 more words

Cape Cod 2014

The first full week of July my family went on vacation in Cape Cod, waaaaay up at the tip in North Truro. I had all the best intentions of posting regularly and uploading photos quickly. 157 more words


Another from the junk shop slides, a bit embarrassing really reading my last post about trying to post more frequently! Oh well this is definitely going to be a slow burn project! 19 more words