Poem: Ribbons of Song

Although, there is the fading moon,
although there are new waves,
there is one man,
who will not watch the sky.
One man who sees the morning… 44 more words


On Holiday

The boats are docked

The doors are locked

“Looks abandoned” some would say

“No, they’ve simply gone On Holiday”

I can’t imagine ever wanting to leave a majestic place such as this. 220 more words

On To Yarmouth

Trekking¬†back to the boat after last night’s concert, fog was settling in,

and by morning Swan’s Island was completely socked in,

quite a contrast to yesterday. 372 more words


Summer fog banks

It’s been a tricky few weeks working our way along the Portuguese west coast. There have been a few days with good sailing conditions and some wonderful destinations, but on the whole we’ve been motoring a lot more than we’d have liked, dodging gazillions of poorly marked lobster pots along the way. 209 more words


Old Fishing Boats

Old fishing boats never die they just find safe harbor.