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Prescott Strip On Spinners - Yes, they still make them!

When I was a kid, if you didn’t have at least one Prescott Strip On Spinner in your tackle box, you weren’t ready to go fishing.   363 more words

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Spooling Braided Line on Baitcast Reels

Having trouble with braided line backlashes and digging in? Aaron Martens reveals a terrific tip on getting the best performance from braided line. Watch hun… 14 more words

Baitcasting Fishing Reels

Fish have feelings too

Expert claims creatures experience pain in the same way humans do – and should be treated better

  • A scientist claims that fish have the same intelligence as other vertebrates…
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Fishing Line - What's the good stuff in Mono?

Way back when I was a young whippersnapper, monofilament line was in the throws of development.  In the early 70′s, when I saw my first Rapala minnow that was supposed to be SO good (the eye hooks pulled right out of the balsa and the fish swam away with the hook) monofilament line didn’t have anywhere near the manufacturers  it has today and there was some real crap out there.   770 more words

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Fenwick Eagle GT fishing rods - Bang for your buck

Fenwick Eagle GT’s  are almost a staple of  the local fishing market in the Ely, Minnesota area and there is a reason for that:  They are consistently well-made, good quality rods at a great price.   1,501 more words

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