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Sharks, that’s the word at Bahia Honda bridge.  They are bad I mean really Bad. You can’t have a tarpon on for two jumps and there is a pack of bull sharks after him.  122 more words


Fishing Techniques

Bait Casting
Bait casting is a style of fishing that relies on the weight of the lure to extend the line into the target area. Bait casting involves a revolving-spool fishing reel (or “free spool”) mounted on the topside of the rod. 1,325 more words

Fishing TIPS

Never An Off Day!

Today was an off day as far as the being on the water but there is never an off day when it comes to keeping your boat and fishing tackle in top working order. 65 more words

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Winds and Braids

The winds still remain strong out of the north east at 20 to 30 mph and it has the water muddy on the incoming tide but the outgoing tide the water clear’s up and the tarpon fishing picked up. 97 more words

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The Communist Party's anti-corruption tsar

Next year,Last week, the Communist Party’s anti-corruption tsar, Wang Qishan,zentai urged party members to shun “hedonism” such as expensive hairy crabs, which are sometimes given to government officials as bribes. 526 more words

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Floats & Bobbers with VIDEO

Bobbers, corks, floats… depending upon where you come from, fishermen have different names for the buoyant device that suspends a bait below the surface. But no matter where you go in North America or what you call it, the revered bobber rig is one of the most popular presentations in fishing. 843 more words

Fishing TIPS

This gives you an ability to do that

The pany started its sponsorship long after most of the contracts had been awarded in London, but it has had far more success getting its customers’ products and by virtue,Last week, the Communist Party’s anti-corruption tsar, Wang Qishan, 480 more words

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