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Fly Fishing the Surf on the Central Coast

My adventure on the Central Coast of California began as most fishing stories begin with the annoying buzzing of an alarm. As you lay in bed, slowly your eyes creep open and for a split second you contemplate silencing the alarm and just going back to sleep. 897 more words


Street Photography

These fishermen swim 20-40 meters in the ocean to catch lobsters and other fish with harpoon guns! The fish is then sold to the hotels and tourists located along the shores of Tulum, Mexico.


The skullet

What do Hulk Hogan, Benjamin Franklin, William Shakespeare and David Crosby all have in common?  They all rocked a skullet at some point in their lives.   408 more words


Fishing......................How Satisfying Can It Be?

To start with, just let me say this.  I am an avid Denver Bronco fan.  So what does that have to do with this post? 186 more words

Travel tip #64...say "Yes, please"

Yes, please.

That’s usually the correct answer when you’re traveling. As in, “Would you like to eat a chicken liver?”

Yes, please.

“Would you like to hand feed some elk in the morning?” 508 more words


A year in a Life - August


Not much can be said for this month.  This is usually the time of year I start to slow down and take it easy.  I have been hitting it pretty hard for close to 4 months now and I start to experience a little burnout.  360 more words


San Clemente Shore Birds

Jose Gross and his family were visiting San Clemente from Quito a few weeks ago.  They stayed in an apartment next to our home and we visited.  568 more words

Ecuador Living