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Side French Braid With A Fishtail Twist

I wasn’t quite sure what to call this braid. It starts as a french braid on the side, then picks up pieces from the other side like a fishtail. 229 more words

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Як зробити Fishtail або Риб'ячий Хвіст із Rainbow Loom

Усім привіт і рада знову опублікувати для вас пост про те, як зробити ще один браслет за допомогою Rainbow Loom. Увесь світ називає цей браслет Fishtail або ж Риб’ячий Хвіст. Мені дуже сподобався цей браслет і тому зробила я їх декілька. Есперементуйте з кольорами і у вас вийде надзвичайно гарний та унікальний аксесуар.

У сьогоднішньому відео – процес виготовлення Риб’ячого хвоста.

Якщо вас сподобалося відео, будь ласка, лайкніть відео та поділіться з друзями. Дякую!

fishtail 13

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minutes spent:20

Lucky number 13 right? Made my best braid today, it was beautiful and the braid held all day long. Here is the quilt, by the way, after the picture of my hair :D. 9 more words


Easy Hairstyle

Side Fishtail the thing I love about the side fishtail is it’s appropriate for any season and it’s really not that hard to do!
1. Bring all your hair to one side. 41 more words


fishtail 12

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Time spent : 30 minutes

I haven’t forgotten about my hobbies or my braiding, but I have been extremely busy personally. My husband has been out of town and I have been working very hard to get some things put together before the PCS. 102 more words


Tutorial Tuesday #7 Fishtail Pull Backs


This week’s Tutorial Tuesday is for the fishtail pull backs. They are very easy to create, and put a great spin on the classic braided pull backs! 95 more words


Fishtail Braid tutorial

After spending what seems like years trying to grow my hair out of a bob I am finally finding my hair long enough to style it in cool ways just like this fishtail braid. 258 more words