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Evian or Naive

To whom it may concern at Evian,

I have been buying Evian for many years and find your product innocent refreshing and delicious. Since my first experience when I first tasted the sweet sweet comfort of the South of France minerals I have been a big fan of your liquidy treat. 582 more words


Looking after 3 of these little ones. They started at around 7cm back in June 2k14 and now they’re around 12cm. They are aggressive and will smash each other if kept in the same tank. 71 more words

Spilled Anything

"Alien Eggs" Are You People Stupid?

Taken from an article, apparently ‘Alien Eggs’ washed up on shore… Take it from an Angel Fish, These are not so special.

Where did the green ‘alien eggs’ come from?

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