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Things said incorrectly by Sydneysiders (A list).

There is a great divide across Australia. It causes minor squabbles and major fisticuffs. The fights have been extensively documented, as has the divide. And no where is this great division more more obvious than in the differences, linguistically, between Sydney and Melbourne. 337 more words


Combat, Cheaters-style

Thank goodness another season of Cheaters is here for us to, uh, evaluate. We wouldn’t have something as terrific as Tommy Grand or Joey Greco coming back, but it’s still highly entertaining. 161 more words


(Lovely) Word of the Day: Fist·i·cuffs

noun →  fighting with the fists.

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Money Mayweather Claims his Reality Show is Fake

Was reading Deadspin when I came across this article claiming Floyd “Money” Mayweather said his reality show was fake:

Floyd said there were 3-4 breaks in that 30-minute sparring session with Rahman Jr and Cameron.

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Sanford "talking" with Buffalo Wild Wings

Sanford planners are “talking with architects for Buffalo Wild Wings” about a potential new location in the brick capital, a well-placed observer reported from Tuesday’s city council meeting. 208 more words

Lee County NC

The Judge Next Door

Foreword: This piece is in a way, a sequel to a piece in the Dear Diary category: Sour-prano Untamed. Many thanks to beautiful readers and contributors who instigated this delivery. 1,218 more words