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Wild Teens Caught on Camera

I’m watching Dr. Phil and they are talking about “Wild Teens Caught on Camera”.

In one, there’s one girl who hits another girl in the head with a shovel. 90 more words


Getting serious...

I spoke with a former colleague of mine, and he told me one of my co-workers, a lady who used to be one of my favorite people but now is not, had been sexually harassed by another co-worker. 228 more words


Miami - N.Y. Jets

Does anyone want to see this? I mean, does anyone besides idiot Jets fan — aka, New York-based sports media — think this is what the nation tunes in to watch? 189 more words


Black Friday – masterclass in marketing or indictment of consumerist greed?

It might seem odd, given that I work in marketing, but initial thoughts when I saw videos of shoppers fighting tooth and nail with one another across the country to get their mitts on some ‘bargains’ weren’t “My goodness, what a fantastic job Amazon / ASDA et al have done in creating nationwide shopping hysteria”., rather that consumerist greed had overcome people to such an extent they’d forgotten that most renowned of British traits – the ability to form an orderly queue! 535 more words