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Why Kacy Cantanzaro is my Hero

I’ve never really been interested in American Ninja Warrior, I hadn’t even seen an episode, so when the show announced it’s next qualifying stage I was already pressing the button to change the channel. 390 more words


Progress over Perfection☝️✌️

It’s funny, whenever I used to hear that quote, I never fully understood it. Why would I want to progress rather than perfect myself? You can’t see progress, no one can see how great my improvements are or compliment me on my “progress”, they’ll only notice if my body is good or not, if it’s perfect. 374 more words


June 26, 2014-outdoor cardio and leg day

-outdoor run 2.74 km covered in 20:16, 258 calories burnt

-3 sets of 8 squats with 15 lb bar and added 80 lb.=95lb. 74 more words

Today’s weigh-in did not go as planned.

Previous Weight = 228.4
Difference = +0.2 lbs
Current Weight = 228.6 lbs

June 20, 2014-cardio and legs

After deciding to do this 5K on July 11th, my sister-in law volunteered to train with me. This morning we met up at 6 am and completed a 4.75K run/walk which is the first time I had ran outside since September and the first time she had been out running since the 5K she did in May. 104 more words