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Now I’m sure you are all aware of the new High Intensity work out phenomenon that is INSANITY…. It started on the T.V and DVD boxes sets and now it is taking over gyms everywhere!! 85 more words

Shape You, Love You, Control You

As always it is clear to me that we are in control of our lives. We have the power to make ourselves happy or sad or better or worse. 77 more words


Red kidney beans salad

Hi Fitties,
I want to share a really yummy salad with you! I like to have it after my workouts or for dinner. I think it’s really good, try it :) 83 more words


Healthy Living

Eating healthy is my biggest downfall. I will run as man miles as you ask me to and lift as many days a week as you see fit, but when you tell me to put down the chocolate and practice portion control, I go a little nuts. 333 more words


I was told to post this here: GLŪT | Gluten Search Engine (link in description) via /r/Paleo


Type a grocery into the search box, and if that grocery contains ingredients that contain gluten, the ingredient will be highlighted in red.

Submitted July 28, 2014 at 11:24AM by JasonLeeH… 6 more words


How do you eat your veggies? via /r/Paleo

I’ve never been a big fan of plain ol’ boiled vegetables, but once I discovered oven roasted veggies, I was hooked. Just a tiny bit of olive oil, some rosemary, and a while in the oven and you’re golden. 35 more words


Creating a Community through Sports

Today as I was driving home from the feed store I was listening to CBC radio 1 as they asked people “Do you think sports bring people together or cause a divide?”. 543 more words